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First choice in dialogue not clickable for about 2 inches

Operating System: win10 64 geforce gtx1070 i7-7770 16GbRAM running your highest resolution on ultra

Detailed description: I made it to the armoury. I discovered that when I enter dialogue with an npc (eg questgiver or merchant) The first line doesn’t become clickable until about 2 inches over from the left. The second line is entirely clickable. This means that on dialogue that consists of single words such as accept or refuse, I can click on the word refuse but can not click on the word accept. I must click to the right of the word accept to have my click registered. Repeatable on my system.

It is very annoying because when I click automatically on the top left word in a response, instead of choosing that response, I move as though I had clicked on the ground.

What were you doing at the time?

How consistently does this happen?

Your system information:

Your log file:

Thanks for the report!

This is a known issue.

I can elaborate on this and say i found that i had the exact same issue … i was in windowed mode and not full screen but when i went to full screen windowed mode the problem was solved … I then went back to non full screen windowed mode and it was right back to the same issue of not allowing the first dialogue option to be selected unless the mouse was several inches to the right of the wording. Definitely repeatable issue… hope this helps!

Had this issue today as well.

When trying to accept quests, you could not click on the top option in the dialogue selection. Basically, I could only select “Bye” or “Leave”. This made it impossible to accept quests or continue a conversation with an NPC.

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