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Fireshield, pls do not remove it because its not active enough

its an excellent way of adding ignite stacks, and to do fire dmg aoe around one self, and play a tanky mage lifestealing from dmg over time and ignite ticks

rather make it 3 or 4 way , 1 of them as a kind of buff to allies, 1 to reflect, 1 to the aoe fire/ignite
1 scaling differently

If its an problem that mage has 2 active-abilities that are less activ and more passiv just add more abilities that are buff or passiv centered to other classes

eg, manashield, and auras are still missing, more aggressive buffs that deal dmg it should be fun for party play

please dont limit the ways skills are its a perfect note, that no game has yet.

also there should be no taboos because other games had similar skills yet


I see “fire shield” topic and so I’m here to remind about my suggestion :blush:

Though I must admit that my “fire shield” suggestion has nothing about buffing allies and igniting enemies :pensive:. But I hope you like it anyway :slight_smile:.

P.S. At the same time there’s another my suggestion for a Black Hole. And it has a lot about igniting, damage and buffing :sunglasses:.

i wont add anything to it, its not up to me to make it different from any other button smashing game

depth and diversity for skills is necessary else it will be just some random button smashing like diablo 3

eg. if you rework fireshield and still limit useable spells to 5 it will be some dead spell no one uses because either you go full movement, full dps, full utililty or a mix between it but i cant see any useful perk to it, fire dmg is associated with ignite, dmg over time, or high dmg spike

right now its the only legit way to stack ignite which is already pretty shit since there is 0 scaling for it
remove it and you can remove ignite because no one is gonna use a 50 dmg proc once a a sec or so, could remove shock and freeze too because ignite is not existing

problem over problem

There are 6 ways to scale ignite:

-fire damage
-elemental damage
-damage over time
-ignite chance (with a 350% ignite chance, it would proc 3 times, with a 50% chance at a 4th)
-simply using skills with a lot of hits, each of which using your proc chance
-attack/cast speed

Ignite is totally viable.

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