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Firebrand - Pyre node

Hi all,

I’m making a Spellblade build that uses a staff and Firebrand to stack up on Fire Aura/FB stacks, adaptive spell damage and ignites to abuse procs from Firebrand and Enchant Weapon tree. I also intend to use a CD modified Fire Nova as a nuke and another source of ignites. Here are several questions regarding the Pyre node in Firebrand and it’s relation to Volka’s Razor passive in Spellblade tree;

  1. Since Pyre doesn’t exactly increase Firebrand cost to +10 mana, rather than consume mana on hit, will it trigger Volka’s Razor when Pyre procs?

  2. When I get out of mana from spamming Pyre (and I eventually will) will Firebrand still swing for 0 mana without proccing Pyre or it won’t be able to swing at all?

  3. Does Volka’s Razor (if it triggers) buff ignite damage stacked by Firebrand and does it affect the Fire Burst proc from Enchant Weapon?

Thx in advance

Probably not, no, but you could take the Triple Strike node to increase the cost by 10 (+2 from the required node before).

It does, yes.

The Volka’s Razor buff is a generic % elemental damage effect so it should be inherited by any elemental thing that is proc’d by the 10+ mana cost melee skill. The fire burst from Enchant Weapon wouldn’t benefit from Volka’s Razor as it’s not a melee skill & the Fire Burst is a proc from actively casting Enchant Weapon.

Interestingly though, the flame wave from the Pyre node in Firebrand consumes the Preparation buff from the passive in the Mage tree.

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Aye, probably due to the fact that it isn’t technically proc but a separate spell which is “cast” by the FB swing (thus the consume mana part rather than simply raising the mana cost by 10 on swing).

Thx for clarifications

But that’s all a proc is. It even uses different wording (If Firebrand hits at least one enemy, it consumes 10 mana to cast Flame Wave) from other skills that cast a spell on your behalf such as Zombies (When a Zombie dies you have a chance to cast Sacrifice on another nearby minion. Sacrifice cast this way costs less mana).