Fireball sorc 0.7.10c

As per request of EternalRage here is my 300+ wave fireball build.

You are using meteor every 4 seconds to keep up Craterborn and we scale a lot of crit+crit multi for big fire burst damage. This build has both excellent single target dps and good aoe clear.



Image from Gyazo


Image from Gyazo



Image from Gyazo


Image from Gyazo


Image from Gyazo

Flame Ward

Image from Gyazo

Focus Focus is missing 1 point, you are free to put it wherever you want. Image from Gyazo


We are abusing 30% less elemental damage taken from Prism Wraps due to capped elemental resistances, orians eye and high amount of leech combined with flame ward makes the build extremely safe


Idols are straight forward the only thing that matter is the suffix increased fire damage.


The black sun - Critical multiplier

Ending The Storm - Chill chance

Dragon’s Reign - Crit avoidance


Wow. Your fireball skill is completely different than mine. I was hoping for that. It’ll give me something to play with. Much appreciated.


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any video of gameplay?

On the Fireball tree has anybody tried the channeling? If so then is it any good? Played around with the tree all day today. I’m pretty early on in the leveling so the process was arduous. The only thing I’d probably do is take 2 instead of 3 in penetration and 3/4 in the node before homing and get two more cast speed.

Tried taking all fireballs with only one in penetration. Too slow. Too mana starved.

Nice, I’m definitely going to try this build. I recently started playing and tried Sentinel, doing my own build, but after that flop I’m all in for some good old fashioned fireball mage.

What do you feel about Immolated Core node? Not worth it?

Im not sure if you have the same problems i always seem to have on running a leech type sorcerer but stun always seems to be an issues. I always run +xxx second stun immunity idols after teleport so im always immune now. You dont have stun issues?

Thanks for the build. Complete newb here and I found prism wraps like 20 minutes into playing game and found the build because I ant to be fancy with a unique.

Any advice on setting up loot filter?

welcome to the forum… Heavy did a loot filter guide… here is the link

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in addition to the link vapourfire provided, which is great if you want to get into the nitty-gritty of filter making, heavy also made some basic filters for each class that are a good starting point that you can use his guide to edit to fit your needs.

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