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Fireball perk

Two things:

  1. The skill itself is called “Rebuke” and not Fireball if you look in the enhanced tree.

  2. If you skill “Unchained Fire”,instead of costing 0 Mana, Fireball suddenly costs 297 mana. That does not change even if you skill Flamethrower after it.

Thanks for the reports! The first will be quite easy to fix, but the second issue will take a bit longer.

I also have the second bug of fireball now costing 297 mana with unchained fire, i was directed here to report it with the steps that led up to it.

Socketed spells:
Elemental Nova
Fire shield
Right click-Fireball

The only fireball skill tree perks that i have taken are the ones leading up to “unchained fire”
Adept 2/4
Mana Sphere 3/3
Unchained Fire 1/1

This will be fixed with the Beta release. Thanks for the report!

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