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Fireball Mana Cost Bugged With -Mana Weapon

TLDR - Fireball mana cost bugged when using ‘Unchained Fire’ and -mana cost weapon up to 297 mana cost. Also, ‘Flamethrower’ node bugged as well.

So I just started playing with the new patch and noticed the Fireball mana cost bugs out when using the specialization node ‘Unchained Fire’ and a - spell mana cost item [weapon]. I have a -3 spell mana cost weapon (used for previous fireball-dot build), which I used to re-specialize Fireball (since the patch reset it’s specialization tree). Fireball’s mana cost was 0 (via the -3 from the weapon) while re-leveling its specialization tree back up. Now that I’ve allocated the ‘Unchained Fire’ node, the mana cost bugged out to a ridiculous 297 mana cost!

[Update]: I allocated the ‘Flamethrower’ node, figuring this would fix the issue but its mana cost seems bugged as well. Currently, with the ‘Flamethrower’ node allocated and with no -mana cost wpn equipped - Fireball remains at 0 mana cost (and no mana is drained during use). And the 297 mana cost bug remains when I equip the -mana cost weapon (rendering it unusable).

Fireball’s Specialization Tree Used:

Weapon’s Detail’s:

Fireball’s Tool-tip - WITHOUT Weapon Equipped:

Fireball’s Tooltip - WITH Weapon Equipped:

Just want to +1 this, just happened to me as well. Was a bit lost for a second, same reproduction, -mana cost item with the 0 mana cost talent.

Fun, get to overflow and loop back =D

This will be fixed in Beta. Thanks for the reports!

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