Fireball bugs

If a mob is pressed up against your character model fireball may be unable to hit them until you back away slightly.

If your cursor is near the middle of the screen fireball will fail to travel to the edge of the screen. this happens in any direction. perhaps it’s impacting the ground?

Homing semi-frequently will force fireballs to orbit a target until they dissipate instead of hitting them.

current skills -

Not sure if this is a bug since the fireball is created infront of the character’s outstretched hand, so if the mob is behind that point then it won’t hit the mob.

Does this happen everywhere or only in specific areas of specific zones?

This should only be an issue if you have multiple projectiles per cast, insufficient targets and don’t have the node that fires the fireballs in sequence, since multiple projectiles from a single cast will generally only shotgun a single target if they are fired sequentially rather than all at the same time (Hungering Souls is the worst for this).

plenty of skills attack from an extended weapon or hand and don’t miss targets close to you. yes, it’s a bug lol. I tested fireball in multiple zones and had the same result. homing circling instead of hitting did happen while i had fireballs in a sequence as you can see in the link i provided. regardless, when you use an attack skill it should hit who you are targeting.