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Fire Necro Speed Minion Build 7.10


Build Overview

  • High DPS area
  • High Damage
  • Can be ran as a speedrunning build through Echoes
  • Face tank all bosses
  • Its a minion build.
  • When minions die, you die.


  • Initially posted November 26th 2020. Build is currently viable for 0.7.10(a/b/c)




Summon Wraith
Drain Life
Dread Shade
Summon Skeleton Mage
Summon Bone Golem


Make sure that you get 100% chance to summon flame wraith, this can be done on 2 2x2 idols. If you can do that add in 2 minion fire damage 1x3 idols.


Below is a Tunklab Gear planner link that has been put together from the gear shown in the build video. This gear doesn’t have to be min-maxed and even at only tier 1 affixes will still be good. I also recommend stacking health and vitality before anything else.

Necro Fire Minion Gear Click Here

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Surprised you’re not going Bone Curse with that many hits from minions. Though I’m not sure which one I’d swap it for (maybe Skellie Mage).

Minions apply bone curse on hit?

No, but they do proc it & they can proc it’s effects (cull, armour shred, slow, freeze, though I think the freeze chance is based on the minion’s freeze multi, not your own despite how the rest of the skill works).

Im very confused. What do you mean by they proc it?

Per our conversation on discord, you cast Bone Curse on a boss, your minions hit the boss & their hits trigger the damage & other effects.

If your Wraiths are critting for 600-1000 with the same crit chance you have (11%), and bone curse hits for 150 on a non-crit (300 on a crit), bone curse would provide an additional 50%-30% more dps (scalling with their attack speed & your damage), plus the ~14% (from the cull) + 12% more on bosses if you go with the cull node. You can also perma-chill bosses if you go with the chill node. I can’t remember if the Bone Prison node taunts, it doesn’t mention that in the tooltip but I thought I heard @McFluffin say it taunted. Speccing it for Armour Shred would be good for hit damage on a build with lots of minions.

Yeah ill check it out. The bone prison only taunts if you keep it at the 20 second cooldown.

Ah, that sucks. Though not unreasonable. Maybe it could be changed to have a % chance to taunt based on the cooldown, 100% would be @ 20s & 30% with the CDR node.

Hi there,
I’m using your build as a base for my 1st character.
I’m mostly OK with everything except for the Drain Life/Necrotic Feast node.
Why did you choose that one ? I don’t understand why it’s ok to only target our minions…

You dont have to target inly your minions. I did it for the extra leech.

hey @boardman21 is this still viable for current patch or have you not tested it out?

Should be good to go

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Heya. How do you get the minions to cast so fast?

Im not at my computer so.i cant remember every node from skill trees and passives that increased their speed, but i know dread shade made the biggest difference as dread shade gives 45% cast speed and this boost goes up as the target minions health drops

Thanks! It took me a little bit for some reason, but you are correct. It’s Dread Shade. There is almost no minion cast speed anywhere in the game (Which should be fixed).

for 0.8D is it relevant?


none of the skills were touched, you should be GOOD to go

Speaking of skills, why is cursed blood taken when none of the minions benefit from that node? Did I miss something?

Not sure, But put 3 points into cursed blood and put the rest in Aegisfall for armor shred chance. When you have 30+ wraith out you can stack armor shred real fast and eventually your overall damage dealt will increase.


Is this build still valid (with current patch version)?