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Fire Minions Acolyte Build

Hey all, just wanted to link my Necro build that is designed to take advantage of the new Volatile Zombie skill.

The link to the build planner is here. I’ll come back later to format the post and add more detail. For now, I just wanted to share the link to the build planner.

In the meantime, note that currently the planner has a bunch of unique items equipped, but those are just meant to be examples of strong items that can help with this build. The main one to focus on, if any, is Dragonflame Edict, as it is easy to proc and adds a ton of value to your build.

Build Planner:

Basic Overview:

This build is a very straightforward build which should make it easy to run for new players or returning players.

The core power of the build comes from your Skeletal Archers and Pyromancers laying down constant fire on mobs and bosses. These minions are supported by your Pyre Golem, which is very large and beefy, and you will always be casting Infernal Shade to add to its ignite chance and overall DoT while also buffing it over time. Finally, your most casted ability will be Summon Volatile Zombie. With the Flammable Vitae and Repulsive Vomit perks unlocked, you should get a ton of value out of each zombie as they apply ignites, burn down, and then explode on enemies.

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