Fire Minion Stat Priority?

My pet set up right now has the tags: fire, physical, necrotic. Should I concentrate on getting Fire as high as I can or should I try to mix all three? Also alot of my gear has percent to minion health and minion damage. How should I concentrate my gear slots? I;m not sure which stats has higher weights than others. Thanks all ;D!

  1. Inc Minion Damage / Flat Spell Damage (Or whatever attack type you are building on)
  2. Inc Fire Damage / Minion Health
  3. Intelligence / Life / Resists

Link your build so we have more info to work with as well!

I’m an idiot, how do I link my build ;D?

I’m slow, got it

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I would swap out Reach For The Grave with something that has flat spell damage. Dragonflame Edict with some LP would be really nice but something with T6-7 minion spell/melee damage is gonna amp your damage.

Also, you need more life which will become a big issue when you are pushing corruption.

As far as which states to get. Which affixes and suffixes should I be looking for? Should I forget about physical and necrotic and concentrate on fire and minion damage and health?

I will be adding more health once I figure out which ones I can get rid of.

I’ve tried in the past, fire vomit :face_vomiting: zombies.
My conclusion it’s, they scales much better with neurotic damage.

Maybe you should see which damage all your minions scales better, and try to focus in only one damage.

So, search all your minions and try to focus in one type of flat damage.

I used to have a fire minion build. But then I realized I could get more damage out of minion crits, + flat minion damage and +% minion damage. This way I can take any minion type i want and not be beholding to having all fire minions. Now II run cold, fire, and physical minions and do more damage than ever. Necromancer, level 100 (Release / 1.0.5) - Last Epoch Build Planner

building crit is so nice, sitting at 41% right now without using any idols.

Everything looks pretty good except for the lack of flat damage increases. The Necro mastery, from my experience, will not generate enough ward without gear (LL or Twisted Heart) to sustain themselves in an extended fight (Assuming you are just taking shots to the face.)

LP3 Dragonflame Edicts are CHEAP right now which you could slam some flat damage into.

I would also suggest that you grab some skill point increases to Skeletal Mages or Golems depending on which you wanted to focus on.

For the Mage specifically, are you going to build for Grave Passage? You’re missing out on some nodes that greatly increase the damage and sustain of Mages:

Gravetide / Celer Mortis / Grey Merchant

The interaction with grave passage/minion traversal affix is bugged right now FYI.

I also see a lack of critical avoidance. That’ll be an issue as you push higher into corruption as well.

For resistances (excluding necrotic) you don’t need anything more than the cap and even then it’s not necessary.

Poison/Fire looks like the highest and you may able to knock some of those down for more EHP.

Wow! could you link your build? I’m only at 32% can i’m full up on idols…

i would, but i shared one item i was using and suddenly it was millions of gold in mg when it cost nothing before. But ill say im running the affix that gives base crit on helmet and legs but the crit nodes. Wraiths dont have super high crit but they hit for 80k white dmg anyways so im not too worried about that.