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Fire Mage/Wraith Necro: Reach of the Grave or Arek's Bone?

Reach of the grave give over +100% spell damage
Arek’s Bone armor shred mechanics Increase Shred chance + Shred effect + Shred chance from necro tree.

My question is that which one is a better weapon?

Reach of the grave is easier to understand the +100% spell damage is just additive to the overall minion spell damage.

For Arek’s Bone, since the change armor reduce damage from “ALL” hits which also include fire hit damage. So I think there’s some value/benefits for Arek’s bone. By shredding a lot of armor would eventually increase the damage done by the minions. When you have like 30+ minion hitting with say +300% chance to shred armor (from weapon+passive tree) thats 3 stack of shred = -300 armor and +150% increase effect (from weapon). So all in all that’s -450 shred from 1 minion hit and times that by 30 minions = -13.5k armor from all minions if they hit a target/boss at the same time. Am I understand this correctly?

I don’t really have a number for armor on bosses/rare but I’m assuming they be quite high over 10-15K? Would it be worth it to have a lot of shred but losing that +100% minion spell damage, which is only additive not multiplicative.?? I know armor won’t go below zero so any monster with high armor over 10k would be great for Arek’s bone but monsters with low armor we wouldnt benefit much from Arek’s bone.

Any suggestion would help, Thank you.

Arek’s bone due to shred acting as a more multiplier.

Thank you!

I don’t know if this is an overkill tho because by simple math with Arek’s Bone + Aegis fall passive from necro + 30 minions, you can apply over -40k armor shred over the duration of 4 seconds assuming minions hit once per second. It would be great if we know the ball park of how much armor the bosses have and also can armor shred go negative? or stays at zero once all armor is shredded?

Bosses have 0 armor but armor goes to negative. If you have other source of armor shred in this case Aegis Fall then go for reach of the grave. Armor shred has very high diminishing returns (Table here Positive/negative armor is identical

This is very clear and answer my question perfectly. Thanks man!