Fire Falconer Build

Build Link :

This build use Cinder Strike to trigger Explosive trap wich will trigger acid flask staking on burning shred and bruning effect !

For now its a leveling build but i didnt push far enough yet there is tons of question i had like:
-Is it better to stack on Atq speed or dmg ?
-In my node on acid flask i took dmg (fire bomb cocktail) but it may be better to take crit (Piercing debris) instead
-Wich skill is better ? Aerial assault or swift… i do prefer Aerial since i can reset it via other node and there is buff and great sustain with it but i wonder…

So anyway its a fun build for beginer to play just try to keep your Haste buff on and you are good !

It melt absolutly everything on leveling phase and its pretty tanky + it doesnt cost any mana !

Still to spend some mana put decoy and smoke bomb on your bar for boss or elite :smiley:

Im eager to ear what your through on this build so dont hesitate to tell me if there is thing you think i can improve !