Fire Aura - what prefixes choice?

I apologize in advance if there was a similar topic.
i TRY :slight_smile: create my own build based on the fire aura and here i have a question, what prefixes are synergy with it? I am asking about:

  • damage over time
  • fire damage over time
  • elemental damage over time
  • fire damage
  • elemental damage
  • spell damage

Because fire aura damage and fire aura area is obvious but what about fire penetration?

Thank you very much for help.

Literally everything you listed does affect Fire Aura (if you choose to use it as Fire Damage).
You could also convert Fire Aura in the Spellblade Passive Tree to either Cold or Lightning Damage too.

generally the more specific affixes are stronger from their numeric value, so “Elemental Damage Over Time” and “Fire Damage Over Time” are the best ones.

Stuff like “Fire Damage”, “Spell Damage” or “Damage over time” all have the same numeric value, so it really doesn’t matter.

This would probably come down to what other skilsl you want to use in your build.

For Example if you are a spell blade and you want to use Flame Reave to trigger more Fire Auras, you probably want to use “Fire Damage” on slots like rings, because this would scale Fire Aura and the Flame Reave damage.

In the end it does not matter how you distribute the damge, since all %inc. damage is additive.
It all depends on what other secondary stuff you could scale with it.

Fire Penetration is basically a more multiplier and is really strong, you can only get penetration on the amulet, which usually is worth it, if you have enough %inc. damage.

I think @Llama8 once calculated something like 600-700% inc. damage is the threshold where a T5 Penetration affix would be better than another %inc. damage affix.

I could be wrong on the exact numbers, but basically penetration has a very low numeric value, but since it’s a more multiplier to the damage your are dealing, there is a threshold where it will be stronger than getting another 60% inc. damage on top of your already xxx% inc damage.

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Yeah, it kinda depends on how much % penetration you have from passives/skills/etc. But if that’s what I said before I would have done some maths for it.

Thank you very much for a such extensive answer. Is very helpful. Now I know how to build my char.
Thx a lot

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