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Finished 1st timeline. My impressions and concerns

First I have been following this for a while. Yes, my account was created today/yesterday. I have been following a guy on YouTube for quite a while though. So my criticisms might have been mentioned a dozen times. This is just my review/impression of my playthrough thus far.

So after finishing the first timeline, here are some of my thoughts. Keep in mind I do really enjoy the game and see a lot of possible potential, with that being said:

Build: Level 31 Acolyte (going into Necromancer)
-Blood Golem (Size and 100% aggression)
-6x Skeletal Mage (working on getting 9, no warriors)
-11x Hungering Souls (next points go into X% +6 extra souls)
-Summon Wraith (for when things get kinda sketchy)

  1. Minion pathing for one is just flat horrible. Constantly blocking doors, halls, etc. The fact that you can’t just walk right through them (like EVERY other ARPG) is such a nuisance. I could understand why not to just phase right through them but with so many linear aspects in this game, makes playing hardcore very sketchy.
    Me: Where are you going?
    Minion: There is this monster two screens away.
    Me: …
    Minion: dead
    Me: Now time to fight 15+ monsters :rage:

  2. LOS (line of sight) There are dozens of random LOS blockers not to include every doorway. I didn’t notice many random ones throughout the early game. It wasn’t until I got to The Ruins of Welryn and then all the way to the last zone in the first timeline I could easily count around 25+ random LOS blockers (that is not counting a single doorway).

  3. From first impressions, I don’t know if replayability is going to be that enjoyable. One good thing that other ARPG’s do is randomly generate zones. I can understand the first two or three zones being predetermined or never changing. There is a lot thrown at you the first 10 levels and having the xp/difficulty being really steady in the beginning makes this very enjoyable, at first,. Having the beginning couple of zones (Last Refuge Outskirts to The Last Archive) nice and not hectic but nor is it slow. However, after that, the zone’s should be semi randomly generated. Not having monsters in the same exact spot every time would be nice. Possibly even a checkbox to increase packsize or monster difficulty WITHOUT diminishing your damage.

Now there are a lot of good things about this game. Been following the game through a YouTube guy for about a month now but finally had to give it a try. I like the big graphical update that the game received in 0.6.0 at the end of last month. Already have had many updates since that launched as well. The developer feedback and being active in the community and fast responses.

Developers that are engaged with the community usually tend to have a much higher quality of a game when it comes to Indie companies. I understand they can’t do every little thing that people want, and some things are not in the budget. However, I do hope my first two things that I mentioned have some type of upgrade or an improvement (minion pathing and LOS). Good job everyone at Eleventh Hour Games and keep up the good work. Look forward to Druid and Warlock :smile:

Thanks for the feedback.

Your first two concerns will be addressed as we continue to polish the game throughout development. Our current priority is on increasing the amount of content available.

I’ll discuss your third point with the team. We have decided that the areas created for the campaign will be handcrafted, however I do agree that the positioning of enemies being more varied would improve replayability (which is obviously important for an ARPG!).

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