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Find sane cultist primalbeast char bug

so i currently doing strickly a pet build so atm i have wolf, ice sabretooth and bear summoned at the moment. when i entered the zone for Find the sane cultist side quest zone. my pets instead of coming in with me traveled in another direction until they finally came to me. this might be a pretty bad issue. so far only time this has happened.

Hi there,

The aggro range on minions is known to be a bit aggressive, we plan to address this. Thanks!

please don’t. just give us a way to manually move pets, like in titan quest & grim dawn. take a look at the current day functionality of zombies in POE - they are completely useless owing to aggro range being too short

You should be able to target enemies with “A”. Problem is that minions currently will target packs off screen that you might have wanted to ignore-- we plan to improve this.

i’m well aware of that, but it isn’t the same thing. you can’t force them to move to a new area to avoid aoe’s etc. if the “target enemy” keybind instead forced all minions to move to the specified location, players could just choose to engage or not engage with the next pack of mobs, no matter how far away it is (within reason)

this is what i mean - even with no enemies nearby, they can be moved to a target location to avoid hazards or to simply pull or not pull the next pack of mobs. please consider doing this instead of putting a tight leash on pets, it really does play much better overall

hi, the issue i was experencing was and in fact not a aggro minion bug issue. the issue i had is when i entered n stood at the entrance for that side quest my minions were not at the netrance with me. they literally came in through the exit and ran all the way to me. what im saying is they spawned on the other side of the map till they came running to me. also if possible can we keep my bug on the issue. i will repeat this again my issue wasnt MINION AGGRO. if we need to talk about this on discord can reach me at nightxwolf871#5412

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