Find it incredibly difficult to target my heal end game

I’ve been enjoying a poison beast master build that relies on 100% uptime on Aspect of the Lynx through the Eterra’s Blessing skill node that resets my companion CD whenever I heal them with it. The problem I’m running into now is that the mob density late-game is so high that it’s often impossible for me to actually target my Raptor with the skill. My solution to this has often been having to leap out of fighting for the sole purpose of being able to actually target my companion (took the leap skill that makes your Raptor leap with you,) which just feels like a complete waste of time considering that if my cursor is even barely off the companion it doesn’t target them anyway, often meaning I have to cast the same spell multiple times to even achieve the desired interaction.

I think a nice QoL update would be to be able to target companions with skills by casting the skill with your mouse cursor over the companion icon in the upper left of the screen. If there is a way to enable this currently that I missed, I would love to know.

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We are planning updates to the companions so you can do something like this along with more granular control over their behavior. The skill should heal your minion as long as your cursor is close by. It will priorities your companions over totems and will ignore enemies. The name at the top center of the screen is not linked to the targeting system for healing.

If it’s actually not healing the companion in the thick of things, that’s a bug.


Awesome, thanks for the reply!

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