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Final Quest/Area Bug

I have crashed 5 times now in roughly the same spot in one of the final areas of the game. Ill come back and edit the name of the area when i reload. Wanted to post this before i lost the log file

output_log.txt (80.0 KB)

edit:quest is “The Desert Waystation” & area is “The Waystation Complex”

it feels like its happening about halfway through the zone (based upon the sizing of the other zones)

Same issue for me, crashing in the same zone.

Edit : i can’t upload the output_log.txt.

Same here! I also only came thus far. The spot is fairly after the Long Bridge, where you go Right Right Right. When you come to the spot where you can can go down awain, it crashes :slight_smile: happen 4 times now.

Setting your graphics to very low should allow you to go forward, you may need to uncheck everything in advanced graphics as well. It has been confirmed in this topic Waystation complex crash (repeatable)

Hi everyone,

We’ve made a change which may mitigate this in 0.7.0b. Please try again!

If you’re still having issues, you can help us find the issue by uploading your log file and your system information. A potential workaround is to go into Graphics Settings and set Master Quality to Very Low.

Let us know how it goes!

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