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Final KickStarter update: Our campaign has reached its conclusion

Thank you so much for your generous support!

We have received requests for people who don’t have a credit card to be able to support us, so for one week only the same packs will be available through our website.

They will be removed from the store on the 24th of May at 5:00AM CDT.

For curiosity, will you provide a support / payment method after this cut off but without the package deals like alpha / beta invite and titles? I’m already a backer but figure this will probably be a common question as the game grows in popularity, or at least hope it will.

EDIT: Also congrats on a blowout for the kickstarter! :smiley:

We’ll have other ways of getting the game, beta access, and alpha access. Probably the soundtrack too, although I haven’t confirmed that. Stuff like the Gilded Chronowyrm won’t be sold again.

I would like to upgrade my kickstarter pack but don’t see a way to do that. When I selected the pack I wanted it looked like it wanted to charge me full price instead of the difference. Thank you and looking forward to playing.


The first entry on our store page is for paying the difference when upgrading from one pack to another. If you do this, please attach a note with your KickStarter backer number, which pledge you selected on KickStarter, and which pack you are upgrading to.

Congrats to the team… Now get your butts to work… :slight_smile:

Gratz to the team - psyched about this game. Hey Sarno, you the same Sarno as on the POE forums?

Hello, this game looks promising. Thus just bought supporter pack, hope it still counts…

Good job with kickstarter campaign - not having credit card locked me out till recently.

Looking forward to the game and it’s future!

And don’t make deal with Tencent pls :wink:

Awesome, can’t wait.