Good evening, I would like to know how do I put other filters in the game, I have searched for videos on YouTube and have not found anything related to … Could someone send a turotial or even make one and send me or put in the post below.

You want to know, how you can apply other people filter, that they shared?

Here is a short text explanation from my own Loot Filter Thread:

How to Import Loot Filter:

Method 1:

Copy xml files into root partition, most likely [C]:

C:\Users\User\AppData\LocalLow\Eleventh Hour Games\Last Epoch\Filters

Method 2:

Copy pastebin content → In-Game Open Loot Filter (Shift + F) → Select No Filter → Import Filter → Paste Clipboard Contents

If you asked something differently i am sorry, but if you further specifc, i am sure we can help you.

Method 2 for me appears disabled… as if you couldn’t click the button.

Method 1 all the filters I want are already in the folder mentioned but the game does not recognize them.

That button is grey out, when you don’t have any valid loot filter in your clipboard content.

What did you try to copy? the xml file or the content of an xml file?
You need to copy the content of the xml file’s, not the xml file itself.

And you have xml files in the correct folder?

Like this:

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