Filter Specific Unique Items


As I progress into the game I find some unique items to be useless to loot. So I’m searching to find a way to filter only a specific list of unique items. I searched online and found this post from many years ago: [1.0] Heavy'z Casual Loot Filters for all Classes v4

But I can’t find the option to Subtype the “Exsanguinous” shown in the link above. The only options for “Uniques Only” are “Refuge Armor”, “Leather Coat”,… “Gladiator Armor”.

I’m trying to configure it from the game itself. So I set a first condition with “Rarity” → “Unique”. 2nd condition is “Item Type” → (Type: Body Armor | Subtypes: Can’t put a specific unique).

I’d appreciate some help if someone already went through this process.


New Rule
Condition: Item Type
Type: Body Armor
Subtypes: Unique Only - Noble Raiment



Thanks for the reply, i now feel dumb xdd

No worries!! Learn as we go :slight_smile:

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