Filter for Runes, Glyphs, and Shards?

Is there a way to add a filter for Runes, Glyphs and Shards?

Right now there is not as far as I know but that is deffinately something useful they could implement into the filter. I would use it.

There isn’t & TBH, I’m not entirely sure why it would be needed since one click on any rune/glyph/shard hoovers them all up & a second click punts them into the crafting stash.

Just one thing… first to be clear here:

There is one in the crafting window… you can insert text to find what you need for prefix or suffix…

If you talk about filtering affixes that dropped then I want to know: Wtf why would you do something like that? O.o

I’d would like to highlight them so they are easier to see. Their default color is similar to other items.

Ahhh okay that’s something to talk about. Someone with some color seeing problems told me the color isn’t that great. Then again I’m okay with it but there might bereasons to change the color of the rune shards sure.

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