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Few questions about poison and Lich

Hi. I’m going to do an aura of decay poison build, and I had several questions so I don’t screw up as badly as I could.

  • Is ward properly soaking the self poison damage from aura of decay, or will I get a surprise and see it damaging my life directly?

  • Is the self poison affected by my stats (like poison damage, global poison duration from reaper, poison effect, etc)?

  • Does the self poison benefits from the enemy penetration (for balancing purpose, I know i’m not my own enemy), or will my 75% poison resist straight up divide by 4 the self damage done?

  • What is the “poison effect” from int scaling in aura of decay? A straight “more poison damage” multiplier? Does it affect the res penalty from poison (like 3% at 50% poison effect, 4% at 100%, etc)?

  • Is the poison effect from int scaling in aura of decay only applying on poisons applied by aura of decay, or does it apply on every poison I do while under the effect of aura of decay?

  • Poison bolt in aura of decay has the “35% reduced poison duration” built in. Is it right to think it’s additive with increased poison duration, and not multiplicative? Getting unending sickness make them last 10% longer, if I have no poison duration from elsewhere?

  • I’m not seeing base damage on poison bolt on the calculator (I’m barely starting the character at this point). Is the effect properly hitting (and thus, scaling on poison chance) or is it just an effect doing 2 poisons per tick and that’s it?

  • Does mistress of decay (reaper tree) reduces the current health drain in the same way than the passives Volatile Blood and Crimson Gluttony, or does it only applies to the lich life loss? The wording is very close, yet slightly different, and the icon is different as well.

  • What Putrid bomb is doing, exactly? Is it just a single aoe hit every 2s, able to apply poison?

Thanks in advance for the answers!