Few CoF questions

  1. Why are there no helmets in the CoF vendor?

  2. Is there a way to easily target monster types that appear in prophecies?
    Ex: Diamond matrons,siege golems.
    I have seen none of these in monos…

  3. What causes an item to be marked “rank x”?
    I thought when I hit the rank that causes rares to become exalted I would see more “rank” items (like gloves) but it does not seem to be working.
    (For runes of ascendance)


  1. Who knows
  2. I’ve seen both in monos, but you can kill campaign ones unless the prophecy specifies otherwise.
  3. Items are CoF marked when they are obtained because of one or other CoF mechanic, either chance at bonus drops, prophecy drops, double mono reward, etc.
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There are a lot more slots not available as faction base types. Mostly class specific slots. These are only meant for intermediate gearing anyway, because they are in no way superior to other base types.

You need to know, which monsters can spawn in which timelines.
Usually timelines are themed after a few elements. E. G. Void, Fire etc.

But to be sure you can use:

When an Item was acquired through any of the faction bonuses or was upgraded by a faction bonus)

When a rare gets upgraded to exalted it would have a CoF tag.