Feel Like Investing In Defensive Layers Is A Waste of Time

It’s bad enough I rarely see Temporal Sanctum keys drop compared to all the other ones, but a T2 Julia should not be 1-shotting people with ice mist attack when they’re capped cold res, have 40% endurance on last 250 HP and a total of 1000HP on top of 800-1000 ward.

And yes, I know you have to warp between timelines if you want to quickly avoid certain attacks but I swear the D button works fine then sometimes it doesn’t, or it works 2x too quickly back-to-back if you accidentally press again.
Either way, the amount of dmg on only T2 seems nuts with the amount of defensive layers I have.

In PoE it’s a popular saying to just go glass cannon and avoid defensives as killing quicker is the safer option. At least in PoE you have 6 portals and map drops are far more common than TS keys.

Just like in PoE, this saying that defense layers are worthless mainly comes from a wrong idea of what actual defense layers are.

I’m much less experienced in LE than PoE, but even with my limited bossing experience I can tell you you don’t have true defenses, if you listed them all.
Capped cold res isn’t an actual defense, merely a “not taking more damage” mandatory stat, after you’re past lvl 75 areas.
40% endurance on 250HP threshold really is nothing. With no investment you would have 20% endurance on 200HP (meaning your 200 last HP are worth 250 damage, ie +50eHP), so you actually gained ~150 eHP (your last 250HP being worth ~400 damage). You just can’t count on that to survive high damage.

Your total eHP is around 2k life pool, counting ward and endurance. Again, I’m not expert, but that’s roughly what my lvl 76 VK has as base HP, not counting armour, endurance and several “less damage taken” stats from gear and tree, and I’m not feeling especially tanky, so I’m not surprised a boss as strong as Julra can OS you. Note that T2 Julra already bypasses resistances (lvl 80) as opposed to, say, T2 lightless arbor boss.

Depending on what you play, you may want to push other layers (such as glancing blows ?) but I’d suggest to push endu to 60% and heavily invest in endu threshold.


Just to educate everyone unaware on this topic, currently outside of special circumstances, dont push endurance threshold.

Currently you get 20% of your max hp as endurance threshold as a baseline, so getting say 50 health or 50 endurance threshold, 50 hp provides if my math is correct 65 ehp, and so thus always beats threshold in terms of EHP gains. since endurance threshold always competes with flat health in its slots, its never worth it to grab it unless you are a niche build.

The current meta game revolves around hp stacking for this reason, as getting more hp naturally rewards you with better ehp thanks to endurance.

As for you op, im not sure what attack you got hit by, but if its the room swap explosion that got messed up because of a bit buggy time swap, nothing you can do really. That will kill most builds. just wait for the big to get fixed to stop the double activation. I dont know about the icemist attack since im pretty sure I tank it with way worse stats then that defensively on the lower tiers.


All telegraphed attacks, even from basic monsters, does the most damage. That’s because you have all the time in the world to avoid it. This is part of the challenge of bosses, making sure you are doing the dance that each boss requires of you. There are a lot more defensive things in this game than PoE, not just resists. Part of that is the same as in PoE, movement. It’s on you if you just stand there and take the hit. If you do the dance, it’s not hard. Just like PoE bosses. That’s why people made stupid videos on PoE boss kills with zdps builds because they were proving it’s all mechanical.

Not completely true, as out of the blue, threshold beats flat HP in terms of ehp with 60% endurance.
As you stated, 50 flat health gives you 65 ehp, but then 50 threshold gives 75 ehp (50 * (1/0,4 - 1)).

The reason why health stacking is superior is because of % increased health existing and having no counterpart for threshold; with ~13% increased health, flat health beats threshold.

Endu still has benefits regarding recovery, mainly, which is why (but I may be wrong) it is an interesting stat for some builds, and for many midgame characters, before you can leech/regen instantly from any sort of damage. When in lategame, raw health is superior, but I feel OP isn’t at this stage of the game yet.

This is interesting. Will have to read more about Endurance but as far as I’m aware, it was usually recommended other way around, being that it provides much more eHP. Either way, I’ve been saving gear with endurance and the other dual HP stat + %HP mod, to shatter later.

Right, I know. It wasn’t the big room-wide AoE explosion but I believe the cold cone AoE attack she does, w/e it is called, and Teleport was on CD so decided to try the swap button.

Interesting. I don’t know much about the math on this game yet compared to PoE but yes, definitely saving those pieces of gear to break down later.

Just started empowered monos but I feel like 100’s are a little rough/slow for being lvl 86 so been going back and forth between them and reg lvl 90’s, on top of running some Temp Sanctums when they drop.
Honestly feel like I had enough defensive for T2 TS and it just feels weird to still get 1-shot by non-giant room explosion abilities.
Lots of people say that Sorc builds should not worry about defensives much and focus hard dps and do every mech perfectly. Normally I’d agree with that but the droprate on keys seems rather low with only 1 try per key.

Key drop in arena T4 is nearly “everytime” in 1~30 wave and arena T4 always will reward a “Arena key” at Wave31~40
So if you can handle arena T4, you can always farming key(lightless/temporal/soulfire) with no cost–you cost 1 arena key to join the arena, get any key in wave1~30 and get a arena key as reward in wave31~40

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