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Feedback - visual issue with wormhole animation

This feedback is related specifically to the visual cutscene / animation that occurs when you are changing the time/era that you are playing in, and the game puts you into the cutscene of going through a wormhole. This wormhole animation instantly triggers motion sickness for me. I know some percent of gamers are affected by motion sickness from certain gaming/graphic experiences. This is the only part of the game that seems to be triggering motion sickness for me (I have screen shake turned off).

Please consider adding an in game option to turn off the wormhole animation, or replace it with a static image. This may seem like a small thing but wormhole transitions can be frequent, and it is a game ruining experience for me. In my opinion, just closing my eyes (which I do), is not a satisfactory fix.

Thank you for your consideration!

Welcome to the forums! Yeah, this feedback gets provided from time to time. The dev’s answered a similar question regarding the removal of that animation recently and here is what they said (video starts at 56:46 and answer ends at 57:30 of the video):

Short answer is they tried removing it once but that didn’t go over very well, from a technical standpoint, so there’s still some work to be done there. They currently don’t have plans as to how they’ll resolve it just yet.