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[Feedback] UI Annoyances

Hello guys,

Been playing a bit this weekend and wanted to share some UI annoyances that I’ve come across that will hopefully be resolved/fixed overtime.

  1. Gear Swapping

GIF: Gear Swap

Currently when you change a piece of gear and stay hovered over the slot the stats will stay to the item that was there rather then the newly placed gear. Hopefully the newly slotted gear’s stats will be displayed instead.

  1. Sharding Gear

GIF: Sharding Gear

If you shard gear quickly the text “X Shards created” overlaps each another.

  1. NPC Text Window Stays Open

GIF: NPC Text Window

If you click on the vendor without selecting an option or closing before clicking on the stash the text window stays open while you’re in your stash.

  1. Vendor Panel Stays Open

GIF: Vendor Panel Stays Open

If you are in the Vendor’s shop then click your stash, the shop’s panel will stay open while your stash panel is open underneath.

  1. Stash’s hitbox is too big/ Vendor’s is too small.

GIF: Stash/Vendor Hitboxes

Pretty straightforward. tighten the hitbox on the stash. Maybe move the vendor off to the side more in town and in the arena.

  1. Clicking too close to the Vendor

GIF: Vendor Click

This goes with the vendor’s hitbox being too small, but if you click near his feet you will move into him.

  1. Crafting Panel stays open

GIF: Crafting Panel stays open

Another panel issue. Open up the crafting panel, then open up your stash. The crafting panel will stay open until you close with your hotkey.

  1. Stats on hover not showing

GIF: Hover Stats

This one is more of a bug I believe with elevation. Only a small portion on the text allows the hover to work.

Very helpful post, Syncfx! We’ll definitely use this thread with our development team and work our way through these :slight_smile:

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Awesome! That was an amazingly fast response. I will being posting more as I come across them. :smiling_imp:

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Hi Syncfx, I’ll be working on a lot of these things. Personally I spent more time on our discord and that’s the best way to get in touch with me for feedback.

Thanks Mike, I joined the discord.

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