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Feedback, Suggestions and Bugs

Major Issue: Wandering Spirits, Summon Wraith, and Summon Skeleton - Archer: Poison Arrow, cause severe FPS drops when they use their abilities, essentially a “press these buttons to lock up your game”, almost immediately.
-Allow space bar to be bound to close everything, while being able to type with it.
-Add Sub classes to character selection screen.
-Clarify which passives actually work for totem and pets by removing the “minion” tag, to specificy companion or totems.
-Clicking on the chat box is an issue when trying to select quest dialogue.
-Quests do not lead you to where you need to go if they’re more than 2 zones away
-The story feels non-existant
-Primalist feel like they’re missing “important skills”, to build into melee for Shaman. For example Thorn Burst and/or
Thicket Blades should be classified as Melee and have passives to give shaman a
physical/spell damage hybrid build
that isn’t just Swipe, Swipe feels too weak to be the sole melee skill.
-Summon Wolf - Wolf Roar has a cast time animation for the player, but the Sabertooth does not. Feels inconsistent
-Necromancer feels like they’re missing “Raw damage skills” outside of Harvest.
-The summon skeleton passives force players to move around skipping most of the
passives just to control what type of skeletons you want, making talent choices not feel
-Necrotic barrage feels too awkward to get to, while building into mages. Makes mages not attractive.
>Would include a talent tree swap/rework to help balance skeletons, if requested<
-There’s a typo on Storm Totem’s passive tree for Blizzard’s tooltip
-Summon Thorn Totem has a serious issue of not being able to build it to into frost damage and freezes due to the allocation
-Shields feel lackluster and confusing to what’s “actually” a stronger shield
-Increases to minion damage for Necromancer feel too far and few in between, outside pet attack speeds and no actual increases.
-Could include new tooltips on passives, for example, “Grants 1 Intellect per allocated point”
would be the normal tooltip under it would say “Intellect increases your spell power and
pet damage” but not that exactly it would just say what the Intellect tooltip would say.
-Randomized enemy placements and spawns would make it more interesting.
-Travel feels “too free”. For example, having teleporters everywhere and the ability to instantly
teleport to anywhere from anywhere is too relaxed. Makes the actual teleport ability feel
worthless unless you want to get back to where you were. (Personal opinion)
-Necromancers don’t have that “life draining and healing” theme that you’d expect them to
-Players are able to keep resetting the chest in the first town by leaving the zone and returning to it for more loot.
-Alt tabbing causes the game to still issue commands on a second screen while alt tabbed.
-No ability to drag items or simply right click to make purchases at a shop
-Buying gear from a vendor when you do not have an item of that slot equipped from a shop
should automatically equip the item.
-Swapping Summoned pets as a Primalist makes the Summon skill not change to the pet
ability if the pet was summoned when you swapped buttons. It stays as the summon skill.

Will update when I do more testing. So far really enjoying this game! I really wish there was a pure ranger class and not just a Rogue. Excellent game so far. Worth the buy in!


Chat still allows the issue of keybinds while typing. Very annoying. :stuck_out_tongue:

Found a location where an enemy can spawn outside the map boundaries and still attack you. The corpse despawned before i could screenshot but the location is Lake Lariath, on the bridge, there’s a little spot of land that lets them spawn on. Screenshot:

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