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[Feedback] Sorceror

So… Didn’t know for sure whether to post this in feedback forum or this one, so just did a gamble, since it’s feedback on sorceror play. I know the pre-alpha isn’t balanced at all yet, but that won’t stop me from pointing out what feels odd about the class to me;

  • Duration remaining on Fire shield: Why is there no buff or cooldown number to show me how long until it expires? By design, or will it be added later?
  • Glacier mana cost, range and damage don’t seem balanced. Bigger monsters like trolls/fatvoids still won’t die after 2 casts even when investing points in damage. Ex. volcanic orb oneshots most mobs and has 4 times the range, and costs 55 mana instead of 70. The danger of being shorter range should be more rewarding.
  • Cantrips don’t feel like good fillers, because they don’t generate mana. Because of this, it is better to simply wait 2-3 sec for the mana to return, before continuing on. Big spells melt groups, but their mana intensity slows down the ARPG feeling. Cantrips should be more like a mana generator or deal more damage to make it worth it to aggro big groups of mobs in mana-downtime. This is particularly obvious for a build that is designed around a few big hitting spells or spell combos like innervate+blackhole+meteor. Usually it is simply safer to run around/waiting for mana in boss fights than stand still and cast cantrips. This is potentially a boring gap in various builds that use big spells, making pure cantrip builds more attractive (too attractive).

Yes, i also found the running around to refill your mana an unwanted aspect of the game. Indeed either have a generator skill, or allow end game builds to have enough natural regeneration that they can keep casting their main skills. (some walking around before you reach end game builds is ok, its part of being noob :p)

I am also not so sure about the negative mana. I had for example created voidknight build with the plan to spend your mana on 100% crit max second hit charges and then use a max regen whirlwind to get out while regenerating mana. Unfortunately, if i would accidentaly cast 1 too many charges, i could not start my whirlwind even though it can be used as a generator skill. Now im not right away dismissing it. I found it to be annoying, but you could also consider it to be an aspect that adds skill to the game.

I’m also not too happy with the negative mana. I get the idea behind it, but the fact remains that a big ‘overcast’ will leave you mana-dry for a pretty extensive period of time.

Mana strike when invested in returns a lot of mana very quickly

Melee strikes are very unattractive for a caster though. Another skill I’d rather see redesigned for more range.


We are in the process of removing the boards for the mastery classes.

I’ve moved this thread from Sorcerer to Mage as a courtesy.