Feedback so far

Hey I would love to share my feedback with developers and the community. I don’t need to mention that that’s great. The gameplay is just wonderful and balanced. There are some things that bothers me a lot what I would discuss with them. A theme of the “gambling”. In my opinion, it should be nerfed because if you collect everything, you can buy everything and completely equip yourself with rares, which is not great as a progress. I liked the unique feeling of character development. I know that it is a beta and a lot of graphics are being edited. I am AMD user,Iam not praised with GFORCE.VULKAN feature highly wished.My PC is well equipped but it’s a pity that some passages need to leave the 60 fps. I would also have ideas for SKILLS for example the SERPENT STRIKE can only poison opponents. What if someone wants to be a BEAST MASTER and skill their companions on COLD? It would destroy the synergy. Companion to get who a good idea for a UNIQUE ITEM to increase this. If there is such a thing, I’m sorry if I haven’t found it yet. THORN TOTEM costs a lot of mana if you go away to start to skill this. Which feels like a mistake. I am very much interested in PRIMALIST.shaman and like other classes and ideas I would like to discuss in the future as well.A feature for german user(translated in other languages) are welcome.Thank you for reading they are wonderful.

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