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Feedback & QoL

So, after finishing the story, I’d like to share a few things that caught my eye. Offcourse, everything stated here is personal opinion and doesn’t necessarily reflect the majority of players. Here goes:

  1. Minimap: When you open your inventory screen it covers the minimap. This might be fine in areas but not in town. I’d still like to see where the NPC’s are. Moving the minimap next to the inventory screen in town would be a welcome QoL.
  2. Overlay map: I’m really missing a zoom feature here. The overlay map in areas can become quite large where the entire area can’t be seen. An overlay map can be usefull when you can zoom it out and get the entire area visible for navigating.
  3. Town portal: when you navigate back to town through a town portal to empty you bag and return to the area all the enemies are alive again. Why is that? Is this a bug or a feature? It doesn’t make sense to me.
  4. Dynamic lighting: When you’re walking around and move next to another lightning source, your character is not casting a shadow nor does it affect your character. When you’re using skills it doesn’t affect the area lighting. The best way for me to show you what I mean is from a Path Of Exile video on global illumination and shadowcasting: Path of Exile: Global Illumination and Point Light Shadows Preview - YouTube
    Currently Last Epoch is comparable to the “without” in the video. Adding this kind of lighting would up the game’s visual appeal drastically. I’m playing on Ultra settings so I know it’s just not in the game atm.
  1. I don’t get it to be honest :).
  2. The settings might help you here there are options to change the overlay map.
  3. Will be fixed with multiplayer untill then enemys respawn as soon as you leave the map.
  4. Might be fun for people with high end Pcs yeah.

Thanks for the overlay map. I was looking at key binds for it and completely missed the possibility to change it in the settings.