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feedback on Sorcerer

have some feedback on some of the skills for the sorcerer, maybe you can have a look at it.


Lightning blast (long base start cast time).

accuricy offset from mouse cursor on ranged attacks.

static orbs pull does not gather all enemies in it’s path.

Meteor has a really long delay in animation of skill from start to end.


other then that really smooth game mechanics and controll can’t wait for final release awesome job.


Thanks for the feedback! Not heard of the accuracy issue - I’ll pass it on.

Not sure if we might need to ask you about that, but it’s not really ‘my area’, so to speak.

it’s ok :slight_smile: the accuracy is that ranged attacks don’t always hit where your mouse cursor is i had times it ended up short, to the right and left,


Meteor was really bad with the accuracy on the last boss in the demo i got him hooked on the pillar thing and they baerly got a full hit with it.