Feedback on Scalebane Swarmkeeper

Came back to try out the new content and came across the Scalebane Swarmkeeper and quickly died to the absolutely massive aoe poison storm thing. I realized afterwards that it doesn’t damage you if you are in close range, but during the fight there was no warning or telegraph for this storm and I was far enough away that it literally filled my entire screen. This fight is unlike any other fight in the campaign up to this point. Being exposed to this mechanic suddenly and without warning feels bad if you are not playing a melee character. It was especially punishing for a ranged minion based character as the swarm ripped nearly all of my minions to shreds in an instant.

I realize that once you know the mechanic it isn’t so bad, but this is the first enemy ability that felt unfair on first experience, so I thought I would give that bit of feedback.


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