Feedback on Itemisation and Legendary items

Hello, I read about your plans regarding legendary items, and I have some concerns. My biggest one is that with introducing trade, improved crafting and whatever system of obtaining legendary items, items on the ground will become obsolete. That would be a very big mistake. Trade and crafting is cool and fun, but they should be serving more of a bandaid role, rather than the main role of obtaining end game items. Why? Few reasons:

  1. It feels MUCH more rewarding to find items yourself, not to trade for it. Trading is actually killing the fun out of the gearing up the character, but players will feel forced to trade, if it is the easiest and fastest way of getting good items.
  2. Crafting, no matter how u design it, will lead to acquiring best in slot items very quickly, which will lead to players losing motivation to play any further, and obviously u do not want that. U want the players to always have the open possibility of improving their gear.
  3. Items on the ground will be ignored in 99% of cases. People will set their loot filters to filter 99% of items. Basically one of the core concept of the game will become irrelevant.

Best in slot items should be obtained from drops, not from crafting or trading.

And also, I suggest increasing suffixes and prefixes on rares to 3, because:

  1. Two prefixes and suffixes is too limiting on builds, there are so many things u want on ur build, u have multiple different defensive layers designed in this game, but all of them tied up to suffixes and having only 2 suffixes on items limits the player choices, and leaves some game designs unused. People will just stick to 2 best affixes in their opinion and ignore everything else. Having 3 suffixes will make builds more diverse.
  2. Gearing up with only 2 sets of pref and suff is too easy and fast. People will finish their builds too quickly. Again, u do not want that, I already made a point about it.

Also I have some concerns about powercreep. Some skills and items give WAY too much either defense or damage. Having too powerful items will make other items irrelevant, having too much power on skills will make gearing much less relevant, which will affect players motivation to play.

Path of exile made all of these mistakes at some point of their game development, and some of them are still unresolved, because unmake that system is very difficult, I suggest u learn from their mistakes and do not follow in their footsteps.


Have you read how they’re intending to do trade? It’s not going to be a nice easy way to get whatever item you desire instantly 'cause the devs are well aware of how trade is likely to interact with item drops.

IMO, I’m not sure that trade is even going to serve that role, unless you enjoy walking round a car boot sale seeing whatever other junk people have put up for trade.

They used to have 3 prefix/suffix but changed it a long time ago & apparently they prefer it how it is now. They could go back but they’d likely nerf affix values do you’d need the same number of items to get to the same power level.

The devs have mentioned dozens of times, that they always want killing monsters to be the best way to acquire gear.

Did you read the dev blog about MP and Bazaar?
I don’t think that trade will replace any other methods of gear acquisition.
It will be very complementary, as far as it sounds.

I don’t think that crafting leads to acquiring items too quickly.
How quickly you acquire items is still something that can be tweaked.

While the current crafting system has some flaws, that a lot of people critique, I think it’s in a very good stop in terms of how difficult it is to get a T15-20 Item.

I don’t think it’s important how many Items get filtered.
It’s more important how the pace of Items dropping, that are useful for the player.

Also with what we know so far, especially exalted items will get a lot more important.

I highly disagree,

With how many affixes there are currently, giving players 3 pre- and 3 suffixes would hurt build variety, since you could get almost everything you want.
So there is way less choice between different approaches, especially with defenses.

Again, this is just a balancing and tweaking, just because there are fewer affixes and affix tiers doesn’t mean it’s quicker.

Getting from and T16 to a T17+ item can already take a pretty long time.
I still don’t have all T20 Items on my most played characters (we are talking 100-200+ hours)

Welcome to the community!

I think crafting from drops are and should be the primary way of getting BIS items, and at this time that’s the way it is. From what I’ve read that’s the way the devs want it too.

The devs make changes to try to balance these issues with every patch, some examples would be most helpful for consideration on this issue.

Glad you’re looking to provide input and make suggestions. Please keep up the communications.

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Then this:

No idea how much you have managed to read in 11 days besides playing.
No one reads on Discord and Consort if he or she is not even rudimentary finished in the forum.

I am already aware that topics are often and constantly repeated and that over time some form of standard answers have been assembled. Is simply more effective.

At the same time, however, just our “all time Forum Bunnys” can now recognize the newcomers, right? *big smile

Hope now no one comes with: “You can also read without an account!”

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There should be a batch/title for that! :smile:

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Apparently some people prefer discord to forums (as I’ve been told once or twice on Discord).

You were the one bringing up user data.
But that is a legit reason.
There are very likely a lot of people actively following the game and it’s news via other platforms, that don’t have an forum account.
And all of the forum stuff is publicly accessible.

I don’t even look for that, because regardless if he did read it or not.

It’s meant to be a kind request, to maybe give it a look at it, in case it wasn’t read.

Yeah, I get it… with some I have never experienced that they have simply taken it with humor. I can scribble as many smileys as I am funny.
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Don’t think you can play the game without an account with EHG though.

Last Epoch will not have direct player-to-player trade, as far as we know.

There will be a RNG Loot Bazaar where you can randomly see random items from random players with absolutely 0 control over what you see and which players’ listings you see. It will essentially just be like a real-life flea market. You have no idea what will be there, but you might walk away with a fishing rod and a cool mug.

But currently best in slots items CANNOT be crafted. What’s the problem? The best items (with t6 and t7 affixes) - is drop only.

But to be able to craft efficiently you need a good item to start (with good tier affixes you need) :smiley: either you gamble for it or it drops. That is why LootFilter is so useful. Besides, exalted items is drop only can’t be crafted.

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I think you should hold your horses and read up on how trading works in LE, before jumping the gun and base trading on that “one game” u only know how to play.

First of all welcome to the board :).

Well this sounds like a “you” problem. No matter in what way you obtain an item if it’s legit it’s legit. Who cares if you farm the gold, mats or the item itself to get it? All ways lead to Rome. On top of it: It’s a realy big game misconseption every item that drops fits your toon and to me it makes the most sence to craft quality gear rather then to drop it out of the blue. Just think about loot from bosses in MMOs where the breastplate fits the gnome, the dwarf and the human while it still is the same item with the same weight and without restrictions. If it is fitting for human it should be to small for a dwarf and should be to big for a gnome… but that’s just the old P&P player in me and is rather offtopic ^^.

It feels good to get an item, I can’t care enough how I obtained it.

Nope if you have enough currency to trade it for an item or trade one item for another it#s fair game.

Some builds require special items that can’t be crafted aka uniques. There is for example no way to craft an Exsanguinous so you can’t craft BiS in all cases but rather good gear that isn’t useless crap like in D3.

Like in every other arpg.

No BiS items should be obtainable in every way there is ingame.

So you want to castrate options to aquire items but make items that powerfull the whole game needs a balance pass? Well I pass ^^.

Like in every other Arpg out there.

Most thing you are concerned about can be fixed by number changes. To powerfull stuff can be nerfed, weak stuff can be buffed. Trading currency can be made harder to obtain and so on and so forth. I see no valid reason to change mechanics but that’s just my point of view.

There is (was ?) a whole other topic about this. It was at the time more people against trading than for. But none of them could convince the other. Your opinion here is not very well argumented and doesn’t bring much.

I think the way they are trying to bring trade might be interesting. i just hope it doesn’t break the balanced SSF feeling we have now loot wise. I want to feel progress through the loot system. I want dropped items to be relevant. I don’t want another PoE where i buy my items instead of playing. Where the only thing i care about is Currency / Hour…

They have achieved balance right now, even in endgame there is still chase items (good base + good rolls to craft on, or purples), but it still feels bland. I hope legendaries will bring more complexity, grind but won’t be triviliazed by their trade vision. I want to loot and use mine, be happy when they drop etc.

if YOU want progress through the loot system then don’t buy stuff and every possible problem is solved for you :).

XP/h or Items/h or progress/h call it what you want. That’s endgame in a nutshell because after a certain point only farming for some % increases is the only thing left to do.

I hope the best rarity of items is not tradeable through the bazar then again I hope I can trade items with partymembers who helped me to kill the enemy the item dropped from. I realy don’t think the bazar will be a big issue after all because so far EHG did a good job with what they implemented into the game.

Guys, i don’t know for you but i find that limited amount of affix on rare items are not fun at all, so… i’m agree with him about it

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