Feedback from someone bad at the game

  1. Crafting - Runes, Scrolls, and Affixes do not show what they do unless you have acquired them. This makes it particularly difficult to create a loot filter highlighting certain Affixes when you don’t know what drops on what equipment. I don’t want to use third party sites or have to look up each individual Affix. Allowing us to examine Runes, Scrolls, and Affixes in the forge on an item as though i had that item would be a massive QOL improvement.

  2. Freeze/Chill - I would like to suggest adding an alternative to the Freeze mechanic in the talent section that increases the effect of Chill.

As someone who is quite frankly bad at the game i am perfectly willing to interact with your boss mechanics but the incredibly small amount of time i have to react is “literally” getting me killed.

I would like to recommend a talent that removes the Freeze mechanic which from my understanding is nearly meaningless on bosses and higher level enemies and replace it with a more effective Chill that lengthens the time to respond to telegraphed attacks.

  1. Threat/Size - I may be bad at the game but i am good at watching how enemies target. Threat/Size have a ridiculously small impact on what enemies target. Additionally the amount of “Player” specific targeting abilities in this game further reduces the value of Threat/Size. I would like to see a dedicated ability to make 1 or more minions considered to be a “Player” in regards to targeting. Maybe make it a threshold reached at “insert talent/passive here”.

Edit: It would be nice to navigate the Monolith menu with the WASD keys.

Edit 2: I currently play a Summoner Necromancer using Skeletons, Skeleton Mages (with teleport), Golem, Permanent Wraiths, and Dread Shade.

Just listing out some of the ideas i had since i began playing.

Yeah, a game that relies heavily on telegraphed one-shot attacks is not going to be fun for someone without the reflexes to avoid them. But they don’t want it to be too easy, either. It’s a difficult needle to thread, measured in milliseconds.

In general, I wish we had a little more time. There should be enough time to stop attacking and move, but for many of them, there is only time to avoid if you are not attacking and are already moving.

I totally understand wanting the bosses to not be easy. But at the same time i feel there should be some options for players to adjust the difficulty via sacrifices in other areas.

Maybe a Skill, Passive, or Item that reduces damage taken from player targeted and boss abilities in return for reduced move speed for example.

This is something that no one who is good at the game would use, but for someone like me it would be night and day.

Currently i run in circles while praying to RNJesus nothing hits me. (yes, it mostly works)

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Bosses aren’t affected by crowd control because it disrupts class/build balance by making crowd control mandatory. If everyone has a way to slow down a boss, the devs just speed up the bosses to compensate.

If you’re struggling, I’d suggest stacking move speed and putting a traversal ability on your bar. It doesn’t even have to be specialized. If you play sentinel, consider using Rebuke to help with big hits. It doesn’t let you survive everything but with decent HP or ward it helps a lot.

Also look at how long the animations are and be careful timing them. My paladin’s hammer throw takes longer than my falconer’s dive bomb. If he’s in mid throw, it’s harder to run out. It’s also easier on a mobile pet class. My necro and dive bomb falconer can just stay on the run while their pets do the work for them.

That kind of defeats the purpose of the ability. Again it’s for class balance. Minion classes would be unreasonably strong without the occasionally player targeting mob.

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I appreciate you trying to help but your comment fails to understand the issue. Movespeed, Traversal abilities (which i use), and animations all revolve around reaction speed.

My reaction speed is not sufficient. By the time i realize i am about to be hit by something and attempt to get out of the way i get hit by whatever ability is being used.

Edit: To clarify, this doesn’t apply to everything in the game but it is common enough that i felt it was an issue.

I am currently using a Summon Necro with Skeletons, Mage Skeletons (With Teleport), Permanent Wraiths, Golem, and Dread Shade.

I chose this build primarily because i like minion builds but i will be sticking with minion builds in the future because they let me deal damage while focusing on staying alive.

As to your second quote. It does not defeat the purpose of the ability, rather it does exactly what players expect the ability to do when putting points into it.

If you have a skill that says it increases the chance enemies target your minion, you expect it to do that thing. Currently the ability does that in the most minimal technical way possible while completely ignoring the actual dangerous things you care about not being attacked by.

Even if the choice is made to not let the Minion be targeted by Player only abilities i would argue that the actual effect is so minimal it should be removed and rolled into the base skill.

I am going to edit my original comment to reflect that i play a Summon Necromancer just so further comments have context.

Don’t take this the wrong way, as I’m not trying to insult you or dismiss your issue, but have you considered that this might not be a game for you?

Games have difficulty curves and some games require fast reflexes. If you don’t have those, you wouldn’t enjoy it. I expect you don’t enjoy souls-games either, since they have the same issue. But you don’t expect FS to make their game accessible to those that have skill issues (in fact, quite the opposite, they often make fun of you).

I’m not saying LE is on the same level as a souls-game, but it does require some fast reflexes sometimes, although most one-shot mechanics are clearly telegraphed. If you feel you don’t have the skill for it (due to poor reflexes, in this case), you have to either avoid that part of the content, know that you’re going to die a lot or make builds that can help you with that, like minion builds, DoT builds where you don’t need to be constantly damaging the boss or homing ones, where it doesn’t matter where you target. Or even a build with chill which slows bosses a little.

Otherwise, and I realize that this might sound harsh, but maybe LE isn’t a good game for you. I don’t want to sound harsh or anything and, like I said, I don’t want to insult you or minimize your issue.
I totally understand that it can be frustrating to be gated in certain parts of the game because you don’t have the skill to beat it, for whichever reason. But that’s not the game’s fault. And there are certainly a lot of games that don’t have this issue for you.


You make an absolutely good point and i don’t take it as an insult.

Despite my post i very much enjoy the game. The last ARPG i played was Diablo 2 and to be quite honest the farm endlessly for better items so you could farm for better items aspect of these games never appealed to me. I have over a thousand hours of Diablo 2 and have never owned a high rune item.

I understand i am not the target demographic for the game and accept that things might not be changed in regards to my complaints. But i still feel they should be put out there regardless.

I don’t feel the suggestions i have made would worsen the game for those who enjoy this type of game which is why i suggested them.

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No, there’s nothing wrong with your suggestions. In fact, I think it was a decent suggestion, where you’d gain something by trading something off. And I wouldn’t mind if LE decides to implement it.

I was just trying to make you see that this might not happen in a long time, or even ever, due to being a design decision. The devs started this whole project with the intent of creating the game they’d like to play, and mechanics bosses are part of that. At least for now, and probably for the foreseeable future.
We’ll see what they do with the new boss, for 1.1 but I wouldn’t expect much change regarding your issue.

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Thanks for the context. Last Epoch is on the quick side of ARPG games, though not as fast as Lost Ark. I’m a fair-to-middling gamer and I can play Last Epoch, though monolith Lagon gave me a lot of trouble.

It does feel like the bosses are disproportionately hard, at least up to empowered monos where the trash can wreck me too. Having Chill work better in normal monoliths so everyone can learn the fights would probably be pretty beneficial to the game overall. The players who like hard content jump to empowered monoliths as quicky as possible so it wouldn’t impact them.

Part of the way I build reaction speed is practice. Video guides help me see what the telegraphs look like, which helps a ton. Most of the deadly abilities happen in a fixed order as well so I have learned where to go after each one. Standing in a good spot means less movement so it buys me a bit of time to react. As I mentioned I also make sure I’m wearing move speed. Maybe a bit of this will help since as the other poster mentioned the devs have their hands full right now with some pretty serious bugs.

This is a reply to my own post that i felt was needed after more time with the game.

Something i failed to mention in the OP was that my experience with bosses up to the OP was Lagon, Arena, and Orobys.

I mistakenly assumed those three bosses were the standard that other bosses would meet, which was not true.

I have since completed multiple monolith bosses and my opinion is that the above bosses are just tuned to a different standard. Similarly after watching videos of various dungeon bosses i think they (the dungeon bosses) are similarly tuned to a different standard.

If anyone out there is having the same difficulties that i am, i would recommend that you persevere. Outside of Dungeon, Arena, Lagon, and Orobys you shouldn’t have many problems.

The abilities are easily telegraphed with both visual and animated indicators. They are also much more forgiving in regards to damage.

Full disclosure. I have yet to Empower any monoliths and i have yet to go beyond 6% corruption. Thoughts may change!!!

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