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Feedback for my new sorcerer

Right, only lvl 37 so far, no crafting yet, just the gear I find.
After over 10 characters going through the campaign, I am having a harder time with this sorcerer than with any other class / build I have tried before. It is clearing fast enough, and so far not dying, but bosses take ages and there are too many “close calls” for the early campaign. So if anyone wants to give me ideas, I welcome any input!
Only non-negotiable condition: it has to be a cold-based sorcerer with Glacier as main skill.

My character as it stands right now:


  • Glacier as main skill, probably soon with explosions order reversed. Focused on damage.
  • Lightning bolt when out of mana, generating ward (to stay alive until mana comes back). Focused on chains and multi-casts to generate more ward.
  • Flame Ward looks like a must, converted to cold.
  • Ice Barrage for bosses fights.
  • Not sure yet about last skill, but Teleport seems to be the obvious choice.

I have considered and tried briefly a few other skills, Snap Freeze, Focus, Mana Strike…
Sorcerer is SO hard to build, each skill looks good but there are very little obvious interactions between them compared to other classes!

Anyway, thanks for reading, looking forward to seeing your ideas.

Teleport and flame ward are definitely musts. Teleport has nodes that create mirror images that taunt, so it’s defensive too. It also boosts your damage for a short time. It’s more than just a movement skill, it’s the best mage skill period.

If you are going for hit damage then build for crit. I suggest going with a wand and catalyst in that case because that’s the easiest way to get crit. Catalysts can come with base crit, effectively doubling your base crit immediately making it very easy to get high crit chance.

Good call, I totally underestimated these mirror images.
With that and going low life, my survivability has massively increased,

After a lot of swapping around, and a few deaths on the way, I finally found a set-up that I like.
Lvl 54 now, Lagon was no problem, on my way to try the infamous Majasa test.

Low life was the way to go for survivability.
I removed Lightning Blast and now use Mana Strike for near instant mana refill (and therefore more Glacier spamming).
Removed Ice Barrage for a while, I am still unsure about it, but I put it back in because the other options I tried (Snap Freeze, Focus, Static Orb) feel less useful. Ice Barrage does help with bosses. Maybe Black Hole later?
Frozen Ire is so strong at my level, it almost feels like cheating, but it was here sitting in my stash and I couldn’t resist using it!
Nearly where I want to be for intelligence, ward, and flat damage, these have been my focus so far, will probably start pushing crit after lvl 60 or so.

Ideas still welcome if you think some different skills could be used (or the same ones specced differently).

I’m curious about the result.

I recently played a Glacier Sorcerer during the campaign, and I used the node that removes the biggest explosion but also removes 80% of mana cost. It felt very cool to play!

Interesting, I haven’t tried that one.
What other skills were you using? Got a link?

Unsure I kept it. I’ll have a look…

Found it! He was in a Majasa topic.
Here he is, just after being defeated by Majasa.

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Makes me want to play Glacier Sorc again…

Thanks, some good ideas there.
A bit worrying that you say “defeated by Majasa”, though…

I shall reach her later today, will let you know how it goes.

The major part of the problem is me. Slow reflexes, shaking hand, etc. :wink:

OK, I’ll start my next char today… a Glacier Sorcerer. And I’ll go without the big explosion.

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OMG, OMG… 6 deaths.
Then I finally got her, but boy that was hard. (No gear or stats changes between deaths).
Mostly satisfied with how the build behaves, just needs a bit of fine tuning.

For the record, before this mage I had a grand total of 1 death in 10 characters against Majasa. Only death was my character number 6, the first 5 went through deathless. I always go there straight after campaign, no mono-boosting.
Fighting her as a sorcerer for first character seems akin to suicide compared to other classes (at least, a glacier sorcerer), might explain all the “Majasa is too hard” posts…

Sorcerer is not consistent against her.
I failed with a LB/Nova guy, but I totally wrecked her with a Static Orb guy (before the patch, seems that it would not work now).

I’m a bit surprised by the choice to go low-life. I thought it was not efficient enough if you didn’t have the armor and the boots.

But congrats, it’s done!

Low life will obviously become A LOT better once I get the boots.
But even now, with the belt it gives me over 500 instant ward everytime a potion drops, bringing me over 1500 effective HP, instantly.
As my life is never full, each and every potion gets instantly consumed and gives me ward, no need to use them.

The problem I had is that you have to kite all the time, and with glacier it is hard to kite and do damage at the same time. So the fight takes ages, and after several minutes there is always a moment when I fail to regain enough mana, or mistime my flame ward cooldown.
I am guessing a less targetted, more “aoe” like spell would work better on her.

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