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Feedback for Monolith of Fate

Hello !

I really like the concept of this end game sustem but I wanted to share my thoughts about what could be improved :wink:

  • The difficulty doesn’t scale enough. You can basically play forever if your build is average and you never die.
  • To me, modifiers should have infinite duration so that it becomes in the end too hard and kill you if you push too much. Right now, after 10+ timelines you have always around 4-6 modifiers and the difficulty doesn’t rank up and it gets a bit borring.
  • Currently not enough modifiers, would be nice to have new ones.
  • Two choices is a bit small, giving 3 choices could be nice.
  • Could be cool to have, let’s say every 5 timelines, special modifiers that give more game changing modifications (unique stronger modifiers, with higher rewards). You can take inspiration with the Mythic+ Dungeons modifiers from WoW for example
  • Every objectives should have an arrow pointing to them. It feels sometimes annoying not finding the boss for example.
  • The new objectives you added are cool but it could be nice to have more ^^

Anyway, I know this is an early version of your vision of the Monolith of Fate, can’t wait to see what’s next ! :slight_smile:

Agree with everything you said!


Just tried monolith at level 30. I like the variety of mob attacks and the fact that I have to be careful and watch my positioning. I understand that might not be the case at higher levels with better gear etc.

How I would like this to be when completed, is a system that as it increases in difficulty, will reward slow and careful playstyle as well, instead of taking the PoE approach where clearspeed outweighs any other playstyle in terms of efficiency.


I agree with all the points. A lot of room to improve the Monolith :cowboy_hat_face:

they should add some sort of incentive to kill trash mobs / clear the map

currently the best way to utilize monolith is to rush bosses and grab arena keys, right now its a valid purpose since arena is supposed to be the next content up from monolith. but imo monolith should be at least as challenging as arena.

The Monolith of Fate system is completely barebone atm. I think it’s pretty clear what they were going for, but there’s a lot of different ways it could be improved. It’s pretty much just proof of concept at the moment.

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