Feedback for a fire tornado build

first I have decided on my own between shaman and druid, decided druid because the original idea was doing it with swarmblade form.

Now that I’m leveling I started to theorycraft all kinds of different approaches and they are driving me crazy.

Which one of these things do you think has more potential to become a fair late game build?

Second big choice: scaling the flat damage of the skill
(Flat spell affixes, nodes and passives and increased damage types (fire, spell, damage over time). I guess any of these will scale the damage
Or scalling the ignite damage? With this approach I can only focus increased damage over time and increased elemental damage over time, there is no way to increase the base ignite damage. And I have to focus in getting as many ignite as possible per hit. I would use that glove that convert all the bleed chance to ignite.

Third big choice - go with the original plan, use swarmblade form to trigger tornados (similar to light bug) but instead I’ll be triggering all fire tornados.
The problem here is that I think it will be near impossible to keep the rage up without critical hits…

Or use the non transformed druid to cast as many tornados as possible ( invest in cast speed, mana regeneration.

Or something I came in the last minute, use the unique helmet that convert wolves to squirrels, and give them bleed chance, get a bunch of them and see if it’s worth using this in addition to the non transformed druid directly casting tornados.
With this I need to know if the bleed chance converted to ignite chance of Maehlin’s Hubris also applies to minions, and if the nodes under wolves skill tree applies to the squirrels.

Appreciate any ideas/ comments.

It doesn’t, unless a thing says it affects minions, it doesn’t affect minions.

They do. The squirrels are just smaller, grumpier wolves, anything that affects the wolves would affect the squirrels.

And elemental DoT.

And % fire damage.


Tornado has the DoT tag so it can’t hit (though the lightnings it procs from Charged Storm and Churning Ground can hit and proc any on hit effects. The only way to get Tornado to ignite is with the Igniting Swirl node and the Inferno node to make it apply the ignites more frequently. The node doesn’t say that it uses your ignite on hit chance so I’d assume it doesn’t (since the skill tree is fairly old and that tech is relatively new).

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Yeah thats one of the ideas, in addition to melee hits getting more ignite stacks. If I could find one way to maintain the rage I would use swarmblade form with “vipers call”, serpent strike affecting armblade slash.
And in addition to converting bleed chance to ignite.

if I go this route, scaling the tornado damage and not the ignite damage, the flat spell damage increase the base damage of tornado, correct? Even if it’s a Dot spell…

Correct, all spells are affected by flat and % spell damage regardless of the other tags.

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If you want to go with human form, summon spriggan is a good way to get mana regen. When you use its ability you get 15 mana over 3 sec iirc, and you can swipe to cast it for free every 2 sec + it gives you a kill threshold

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If you are doing ignite, I am convinced that storm orb + lightning strike will give you better result. You can get more stacks that way.

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hmm Havent thought this way, you mean both subskills of tornado storm orb + lightning (charged storm node) will ignite enemies ? I know they are both hits, but the thing is that some of my bleed and ignite chance only applies if using melee hit.
But it can be a Turning point anyway, because there is plenty of sources of ignite & bleed that are applied by any hit (instead of only melee hit) , blessings ~200% , gear suffixes.

Im doing a mix of tornado & ignite damage for early game, but I guess late game I’ll have to stick to one and if choosing ignite all the nodes increasing tornado damage will be irrelavant and I will have points to spend in these other nodes leading to increasing ignite stacks. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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Yes I mean both subskills.

Taking nodes that says “tornado deals more damage” also works for the ignite dmg applied by tornado and its subskills

Edit: Gearwise maybe it’s time to use your best firestarter torch, and a throne of ambition.

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thanks for making my life a lot easier :joy: :rofl: :crazy_face:
Now I just need 30 skill points to the nodes that activate aspect of the storm (increased attack speed) , lightning frequency, storm orb frequency and Eye of the storm (+100% damage, but I need to invest 6 more points to get there).

All kidding aside, its really hard to decide which one to go and which one to give up, its a very dynamic skill with lot of interesting nodes.

yep, these two are already being used from start, stole the idea from another build concept.

GearWise I think the hardest part will be that I think im making the build in a way that Bleeding heart is mandatory, really hard to sustain with Dots, specially ignite. The two primalist gear implicits that would give me hp leech are only “on hit”.
Or I can try the health regenartion path, but I dont know if it works for primalist and I have never played any char trying it.

Are you doing swarmblade blade?
Because if you are not and doing the swipe/spriggan, swipe gives you a lot of health regen

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Yeah my first experience is using Armblade to constantly do auto attacks and the tornados are proc without me needing to cast them, and I don’t have the mana problem either (I think I solved the rage issue).

If I go to human form, I guess tornado will need to be my “auto attack” or main attack, and using swipe intercalating with tornado won’t be effective, at least from what I imagine. I could try swipe auto attack and every one or two or tree seconds cast tornados, just experimenting to see what comes from it :wink:
I would also need to manually cast maelstrom in the Middle of these 2 skills.

But I’ll keep a note at this, if I gave up the swarmblade form, it would be perfect if I could manage to work with both skills, 6 stacks of aspect of panther each lasting 7 seconds and gaining health Regen from each one.

How did you solve the rage?
I would assume the rage on kill/hit from swarmblade is enough

Rage on kill/ hit mainly, but with only it it’s annoying sometimes running monos or arenas I need to reactivate swarmblade form every now and then. Specially when I don’t find rare enemies. Increasing the mana give more time to be running through the map until I find more packs/rare enemies.

Second node to help is the one in serpent strike tree,
Constrictor & sapping coils, the mana gain from consuming constrictor stacks also apply to rage gain (it is not showed in the blueprint).

The third node is back to swarmblade tree, rage gain on dodge, but I’m still experimenting with this one, because any point in this tree is super important, and If I could save those 2 points would be super.
In mapa with fairly average amount of rare enemies I don’t have any issues with rage, and more important, against bosses no issue either. My take is that it won’t be necessary.

If you run a spell version you can use Eterra path +tear of the forest.
But for ignite you will want Fiery Dragon Shoes

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I would advise against ignite, ailments got hit pretty hard in 0.9 making them pretty bad now(you need a lot of more damage multipliers from skill/passives to make ailments work). I had a swipe, earthquake, tornado ignite beastmaster build wayy back in 0.8.4 and it worked even in empowerd but was pretty meh overall(pre nerf).

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Yeahh, I’m having a hard time to play fire & ignite. But I really want a fire build, and I dont want play acolyte or mage in the moment.
I have a super strong lightning bug and another strong shadow dagger bladedancer. Both doing everything from the game, 500+, 1000+ corruption…

I decided it was time to try something on my own, and after trying an ignite umbral blade bladedancer (gave up because the playstyle was not engaging enough for me) I came back to this project. I’ll see how far I can get it.
If I don’t accomplish anything I’ll let it stand by, maybe someday it will be viable.

I also think dots are not in a good spot in the moment ,(a phew exceptions of course, some crazy bleed builds and some strong cold dot) but specially fire&ignite could have more love from the devs. Not only it generally lacks damage it’s hard to build sustain around it.

My third class will be sentinel, maybe I go back to fire and try something fun with it by the time I get used to the class.

Here is an idea, humon form fire spell, with immolator oblation (the belt that gives spell dmg per stack of self ignite) and with burning avarice maybe
Summon spriggan/swipe for mana regen (Perry the Pig made a lightning tornado beastmaster and it managed his mana this way with a little bit of mana regen)
Warcry /maelstrom for haste/frenzy/heal/cleanse
Unspecced fury leap for mobility

Edit : or you can use rule of the simoon for the fire shred

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Hey, just checking if you have made any progress.
I am very curious about the build.

yeah, playing only it last phew days, I am running empowered monos now, trying to get the right blessings. After I can get average blessings , I think the build will be ok for running ~300 corruption and I will start to try the dungeon bosses, see if its afordable…
The build itself is doomed to be forever a shadow of the lightning version, but I think ignite tornados are fun just running and wrecking everything with fire power.
I just managed to get 70% ignite chance after my second attempt in black sun mono. Ill move to the others now, I wont focus in min/max so much right now.
Made a non professional gameplay video if you are interested
My intention is do a final one after 200 corruption and after trying dungeon bosses.
In the end of video I show my current gear & passives.

just a quick update, played all day today, hit empowered ending the storm, and things keep getting better :slight_smile:
got luck to get this at my first attempt, and got luck to transfer the desired tier 6 affixes I wanted to my new legendaries :slight_smile:

Nice roll!

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