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Feedback and Ideas so far

Hello I purchased Alpha supporter pack yesterday and started trying out the game, I really enjoy everything i experienced so far the game looks and feels amazing, with that being said and my passion to help polish this game anyway I can, I have some suggestions/ Ideas for Quality of life / improvement changes. Also I must add I may not realize some of this is in the game or how to do it so If you see something here that I can do but havent figured out how let me know please :slight_smile: I also understand its alpha and not everythings added and working as intended but i really wanna help out. lets get started!

  1. A display option for a health/mana bar above your character just like how monsters have if toggled on, this will make better awareness while playing so you dont have to constantly monitor your hp and mp Orbs.

  2. When I hit leave game it logs me out. I suggest this takes you to your character screen or a chat lobby or something so you dont have to keep logging in. this could be due to alpha though as i stated above.

  3. I think adding a Cntrl+ Right click option to drop loot etc onto the ground would be nice instead of drag droppin ur junk or items you wanna give to friends etc, just like how u can shift click to move items to stash.

  4. Quest Dialogue, the only way Ive kinda saw to skip it is to hit esc but it also brings up the menu so its overlapping maybe change it so the menu doesnt pop if your talking to a npc.

  5. same as the last with the quest dialogue and esc menu, when you scroll while a window is open your camera zooms in and out as well, make these binds be overridden while performing other tasks.

  6. The left click mouse button cant be bound to a spell so that you can shift click to use it, its one less keybind to be able to use more abilitys and seems a bit odd.

  7. Equipping 2H weapons while a 1H/Offhand is equipped is not allowed, you have to manually unequip the gear and then put on the 2H i think it should just equip the 2h and auto put the 1H/offhand into your inventory assuming you have the room.

  8. No npc names or quest turn in markers above npcs, i have trouble remembering and finding the npcs for returning quests, Had to go hunting through npcs to find the right one. maybe change the ! to a ? and add names above or highlight them etc.

Overall i love the game so far, this is my current feedback and i wanna see the game succeed and to become the best arpg to date! I dont know how important my suggestions are or how much is already being worked on etc or maybe even its there and ive missed how to do it but please take the time to read and consider my feedback and if anyone else from the community wants to add or expand upon or even just talk about my ideas or your own leave a comment :slight_smile: thanks for your time!

Just want to say I’ve been playing for a while (wayyyy too many hours haha) and following the forums and I totally agree with you on basically every point. Some of the things you suggested are already planned according to the developers:) So don’t worry! Will just take some time.
I bet the rest will be as well because they make sense and these people care about their game.


haha yeah i see your name all over leaderboards :stuck_out_tongue: yeah i figured alot of it will be covered, I listened to a interview with 1 of the devs and these guys have played like every arpg around so they know what their doing :slight_smile: and they seem really friendly and open eared which is a good way to be

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Same as OP i bought the game and i really like what the devs have done with the game so far. I’m especially a sucker for the dark caster archetype so seeing that i get 3 choices made this game an instant buy xD

As i have been trying the game there are many things to praise the music, spells & attack effects, skill passive tree.

Of course there were also some things i wish could be improved in some way:

The passive class tree

Make it bigger in the center of the screen with bigger icons perhaps similar to grim dawn skill tree with the other options like necro etc locked in other tabs. And maybe moving the skill learned by putting passives in the tree to the skill menu.

I would prefer to not be limited by only 5 slots for skills but if that is not possible
perhaps adding just 1 or 2 slots more, 1 for auras or stances and 1 for some kind of movement or teleport skill.

Some type of movement buff to go around the big maps.

Perhaps more flask with different effects ( movement, armor buff , resistance) like in poe or at least a mana flask xD

Changing the reset passive system to the one similar in grim dawn freely substracting points 1 by 1 for money.

And lastly i hope for an assassin dual wield archetype though thats probably the bladedancer and in the distant future perhaps a monk archetype?

I hope my suggestions are of some use and i have not been repeating too much of what has already been said by others. I’m excited for the beta as are all of you i bet xD. Thank you for reading. Cya in the game

Thank you very much for all the feedback. :slight_smile:

I’ve read all of your post, but I’ll just comment on a few points you’ve raised;


We agree with this!

We do want to make sure it can’t be used to circumvent the need to log in, so it may take us a while to get this working. I can’t offer an ETA, but rest assured that we’ll get around to it.

Our next patch will include a few improvements to text - it’ll now appear immediately instead of using the typewriter effect, for example. I don’t think this specific suggestion will make it in for our next patch, but I imagine we’d implement this sometime during beta.

This is a deliberate design decision, though that’s not to say it’s written in stone. We’ve gotten a lot of feedback to this effect, however we also like the clarity provided by a specific input always moving the character - we don’t want someone to die (on Hardcore!) because their character didn’t respond to their input the way they expected / desired.

I’ll bring this up in our next meeting.

Thanks for the kind words! :slight_smile:

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We have been discussing the visual design of this, I’ll be sure to pass on your feedback.

We do want to make sure that skills on your action bar feel active. Currently the Mage has access to both Flame Shield and Ice Ward, neither of which achieve this. It’s very unlikely that either skill will exist in their current form by the time we release version 1.0.

We’re really not seeking to emulate the clear speed meta found in other games.

This might be useful if we had large areas which were relatively empty, but I think that would be better addressed through redesigning the area - or repopulating it - rather than making it quicker to pass through. That disguises the issue rather than fixing it.

Last Epoch will never have a Mana Flask (or Mana Leech).

In other games they typically invalidate Mana as a constraint in return for trivial investment, which wreaks havoc with balance. Skills which have large mana costs aren’t intended to be spammable, and this is why we’re very careful with Mana Efficiency and Mana Regeneration. As soon as high cost skills can be spammed, low cost skills lose their place in the game.

Are you talking about the Mastery system or Skill Specialization Trees?

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I apologise for not making it clear. I was talking about the mastery system. I mentioned the one in grim dawn as its extremely easy to fix builds by just clicking on the mastery screen and substracting points from the passives and abilities you want directly instead of getting 1, 5 or 20 points like you can now in the game.

Regarding the skill specialization tree i like the current system, though i would not mind a similar option to the mastery skill one i mentioned.

In my opinion allowing for easy respec is crucial for any new or old players, so they can try and experiment on their own, and not be afraid of ruining their character for not following a predetermined build.

PoE in my opinion fails in this regard as its very annoying to do bigger changes and many new players just play popular builds by streamers.

Thats not to say i like the diablo 3 respec on the fly though. I would allow for easy respec of skill specialization and mastery system but not the choice of master classes.

Thank you for your time and for your reply.

The passive respec system is very much a placeholder that was easy to implement. We also want to implement a way to partially respec a skill.

But, we want to make sure that you have to invest into your build and can’t change it on the fly too much. Being able to experiment a little bit while not being easy to completely change your build is the goal.


Fair enough, not a deal breaker just a personal preference after all how can you know whats good if u don’t try everything xD

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