Feedback after Demo

ill preface this by saying i know this is just the demo and it is quite likely nothing is close to finished

i am not commenting on the loot or passives because it was really clear from the demo what was available is just for demo purposes and just a taste. Most of what i am pointing out would be considered QOL improvements and in no particular order and that some of these could be just problematic for my and my settings:


  1. NPC’s should be able to be interacted with at slightly further distances, if there are 3 dots yet no available display or message it can be confusing. NPC dialogue boxes and text seem to be larger than necessary.

  2. Unlocked skills at first… difficult to understand what they do- further troubleshooting tips could be helpful

  3. The ALT key only works with additional item information when using the one on the lefthand part of the keyboard not the ALT next to the arrows.

  4. The minimap overlay when tabbed and on full screen would be nice to adjust, borders, transparency etc etc

  5. The waypoint map feels cluttered in terms of the area name text sizes

  6. Portals do not allow you to return to the area in which you ported from losing all progress in that particular area (assuming you even have the WP)

  7. Upon reaching the most forward town, login for that character to said town?

  8. Sound options would be nice to adjust ambient noises such as birds etc but not SFX from gameplay … when tabbed i had to mute everything to avoid crow sounds and then reapply SFX to get gameplay sounds while fighting

  9. An option to have a hovering monster health bar instead of it requiring the mouse to hover over (considerably high frequency of monsters that heal for some reason)

  10. Shards generated from shattering stones/items need better and more distinctive skins imo

  11. Are shattering stones necessary? perhaps an anvil like location, NPC or something instead of it? (unsure on the importance of this regent considering it appears to be a gold based economy)

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