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Feedback after 50 Levels of Gameplay (List will be expanded)

Greetings :slight_smile:

After my first progress and some hours of fun with the game, i post my list, that i am write, when i play the game (i play a burglar a sry rogue with a (own) rogue/bladedancer build). (Use the second monitor with a text document, to write something in, when i play the game on first monitor). And yes, i am not at the endgame, but the list will be expanded. And thank you "G****e Translate, helps me to write all these things in English). Here are my points (first of all) (not chronologically, its randomly put in):

Inventory full, city portal, sell, return, remaining loot gone

  • With two one-handed weapons, only the left slot can be compared with the weapon in the inventory
    (You can of course bypass it by always dragging the right weapon to the left slot)
    (same with rings)

  • sometimes the card has to be completely revised after a teleport between city and area

  • Boss mechanics still too simple, adjusted for single player and group play of the complexity

  • Camera too close to the action in places

  • Background music sometimes still too irrelevant (but so far never annoying, then just doodles to yourself without being remembered). I liked the background music from
    Temple of Eterra

  • Balancing the incoming damage. Sometimes almost no damage and then a bullet comes from somewhere,
    that eats up almost your entire life in one fell swoop. (no boss or elite opponent). Or. that it becomes more understandable
    why I was almost blown out the light with one hit, while the other trash does almost zero damage to me.
    (but can be handled once you know the opponents who do the massive damage)

  • In some places the overview is missing because objects are not faded out properly / not at all.

  • 1-2 skill slots more would be nice, always feels like you are missing them to round off a build
    (can of course vary depending on the build)

  • Occasional crashes (which are sporadic and cannot be triggered specifically)

  • Sudden increase in the general level of difficulty from Chapter 7 (amount of incoming damage) (maybe depends on what class and what build you play)

  • Floor effects are placed on hills (stairs, inclines) on the game world so that floor effects float in the air.

  • On the overview map it would be nice to see where the warehouses are (sales etc.)

  • Boss rewards are often too trivial and in general Loot still feels very weak and you hardly notice any progress

  • If you go to the map via the floor portal and scroll to a location, the hero also walks in the direction away from the portal.

Thanks for reading and maybe leave a comment or a heart etc.

2 more skills slots…and hell…even one more would be amazing, but might be hard to balance.

One thing I do think though that’s just absolutely necessary is the ability to keep basic auto attacks available. It really sucks to lose that if you’re using skills in all the slots. Left click just doesn’t allow anything other than “move to and use XYZ ability” or “move to and break objects”.

Not sure why there’s not just a move/attack option for left click but it drives me nuts.

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there’s no use for basic attack beyond the first couple of levels. every class has a 0 mana cost attack they can use that scales better than basic attack.

i also don’t think we need more skill slots. i used to feel differently, but after over 400 hours in the game i’ve come to appreciate the restriction. it forces you to think about what you pick for your build, and enables the choices to have meaning. if players could have 2 more active skills, everything would have to be balanced accordingly which would probably mean trees full of un-impactful nodes that aren’t interesting to explore.


yeah, i feel that thing with the balance and the choice to choose between skills. It´s maybe hard, and maybe you get to strong, with one or two more skills. My feedback are only first impressions. I dont have the experience than you have with over 400 hours of gameplay. I play maybe around ten hours now. But i will play a lot more (game makes a lot of fun even though its a beta, but more fun like some fully released games). And with the most things, i can deal with it. Maybe I am Borg, haha.

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Yeah, but not every build uses a 0 mana attack.

This I agree with. I’ve seen a lot of similar comments on adding more skills. People are having the feeling that they are missing an opportunity because they cannot put 1-3 additional cool skills in there. But nobody is missing something because everybody has the same restrictions. It’s a tradeoff. Skill A or skill B?

You have to make a decision that matters. If you want to swap a skill, you have to relevel it. This is not to punish people. This is to make the decision count. And it also encourages you to maybe play a second character if the same class just to try a different skill setup.

This is very subjective topic. We had a lot of very intense discussions on this forum already about this. Some people like it right from the start, some don’t, some that don’t start to like it after a while.

This game has no standard attack like other games (LEs standard attack is not scaling well to be of any use later). But there’s also no reason to have it. If you’re not using a 0 mana attack and don’t have any mana issues - no need. If you have constant mana issues you should use a 0 mana skill.

A standard attack wouldn’t be of any use because it would make that minimal damage that it’s wasted time. It isn’t useful as a filler. If you can’t kill enemies with it when oom, the best choice is to run and avoid damage instead of hitting enemies with a wet noodle.

It’s an unconventional approach. But with LEs skill system there’s no use for it.


Yeah, i can deal with it to choose between skill a or b or c…and I understand why they do it that way.

And yeah, a standard attack is definitely a waste of time, better to stay safe, when youre oom. Dont know about the mana management from other classes or builds, but with the rogue bladedancer, i never ever had any mana problems and can jump from enemy group to enemy group with my abilitiies.

It’s just driving me a little nuts is all. I know there’s no logic to it but it’s just a pet peeve of mine to have the UI effectively have 2 slots for the same button. Right now I’m using ‘move and destroy objects’ because it would drive me nuts to have a mana use attack on it’s normal keybind and left click.

Last thing I need is for some speedy mob to zoom under my cursor and make me use a skill before I intended to.

I would add that crafting components should be auto looted.

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Edit (List expanded) (after some hours more of gameplay)

  • Partly strange values ​​e.g. + 30% bleed chance per Equipped Sword and 15% Slow on Bow Hit. Who use Sword and Bow at the same time? (or is there something, where i can you both at the same time) just one example of many

  • Wish that the tabs of the chest and its contents can be moved

  • played monolith of fate for a few hours. I don’t think this is something that will keep players in the game for years.
    mainly for two reasons. The equipment you need and the equipment you get in the areas is too trivial.
    the same applies to whether I use option 1 or option 2 on the cube. that doesn’t make a big difference. neither in the way it is played nor in the degree of difficulty. This is my personal feeling. But it’s fun just in its current form, certainly nothing that binds you for years because of my two (personal) things.