Feedback after 400 hours

To start, I thank the devs who are really listening and I apologize for my English (google trad is my friend).

For me Last Epoch is the best HNS right now, it’s just amazing. The gameplay is really fun and especially dynamic, and I love it.

The build customization is really well studied and I have no doubts about the balancing in the future. I’m also glad I didn’t have too much loot in the rifts, I like being able to move forward and then pick up at the end.

I’m thinking of staying here for a very long time, and this game is going to get my full attention.

Actually Craft system and gamble is really fine ! Maybe less RNG ( i don’t like RNG xD ) but is fine !

Finally, I would just like to see a small change on these points :smile: ;

  • A real character creation

  • A written description of the damage on all the spells (this is really very important), because for a new player it is a bit complicated to know what is really up to our damage.**

-Add sections to the forum or discord by language? It’s complicated when you don’t speak English to get information ^^.

-Perhaps include a tool that allows us to view only the loots that interest us, with the affixes that we have filled in ourselves. It would be really great.

  • A rework of skill respec please, because it’s a very pain to up other node on skill when we change :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s over, thank you again for this game. Full of love. <3


God bless Google translate…

Yes, tooltip DPS is on their list of things to do.

There’s a big discussion about it here:

I agree with you that it would be good to have an official forum for other languages, but EHG are a small company with limited resources (money & people). They have previously said that they will look at translating the game later when it’s “finished”.

The loot filter is also on their list of things to do (phase 4).


Really can’t add much, what @Llama8 didn’t already said.

Devs already said that the would love to add something like that. There was alot of talk about that topic combined with different gender options in another thread, in case you are interested.
TL:DR they lack the ressources, since that stuff takes alot of ressources, but will possible come in the future.

Most of your other feeedback will be addressed in the coming future.

May i ask what’s your native language? Maybe there are people that can help you specifically in case you have some more in depth questions.

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Google could really do with improving their translation of colloquialisms. I’m sure the literal translation of whatever you said was “it’s just terrible”, and that you meant something like “it’s sick”. But, google translate can be the best sometimes…

Otherwise, I’m really looking forward to see what faux pas Google translate can do next.


Yeah at first i was really confused about the “it’s just terrible” thing. After reading his whole post it was pretty clear that that was Google Translate going mad lolz.

But he did bring his message and feedback across, which is a good thing in todays day and age, with such technology, even if it’s not perfect.

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Ah ah thanks for reply ! Im a little french baguette :smiley:

So to be honnest, i don’t need a translating game actually i think, I prefer that the dev take care of the game directly, the translation can wait. But a sub forum section would be great !

And for that “it’s just terrible” im sorry, I wanted to say that it is terribly good! But i will edit by amazing xD .

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Haha ok no problem, we did get your overall message, so all is fine.

All Hail The Baguette!!!

I think there are some french dues talking already, not sure if that’s a good idea since it’s not officially supported, but maybe you can find some fellow countryman there.

Maybe you can bring them to comment on my thread regarding french language channel.

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