Feedback About Cycles, Seasonal & Eternal Realms

If the developers do something cycle specific the will loose a big chunk of the casual customer base. Not everyone is lucky enough has time to make a new character every cycle. The gaming generation has grown up, has real jobs and responsibilites now. Some people just want to spend few hours a day and progress their main characters without feeling left out.

5 of my friends and i we left diablo 4 for the same reason. We did not want to make a new character every season. And are only playing last epoch because they chose to add all the seasonal mechanics to the eternal realm. Now we all play this game on discord and have fun. The day they decide to do something season specific we will all be out.

lol, the “gaming generation” you speak of is, in fact, more interested in seasonal play. from the sounds of it, you’re quite keen on driving the game into the ground



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It sounds like you and your friends may have chosen the wrong genre of game to play then.

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I read multiple times that the plan is to have seasonal cycles, but to introduce all new mechanics to both the temporary cycles (seasons) and the legacy cycle (standard/eternal/permanent). People who don’t want a fresh start won’t miss out on new content.

Personally, I like a clean stash every once in a while. It’s like renting a new apartment when the old one would need a good clean-up. :wink:

Just finished the campaign as a player that never played the game before in about 9hours, how don’t you have 9 hours to create a new char in 3 months?.. LE also doesn’t strike me as a game like PoE, where you probably need a couple of 100 hours in a season to kill the uber bosses.
so being able to play 10-40 hours in 3 months should probably leave you in a very good spot, and enough to enjoy your self a little, and the new content?. Or do you expect to be decked out with gear?

I never understood the argument that people don’t have time to play seasonal content, yet they will play 40-50 hours on their non seasonal chars.

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First of all welcome to the board. If a game is changed into something you dislike move on. That’s a good thing to do instead of crying a river. At the end of the day it’s your choice. I understand the wish of people to play new content on old toons without the “preassure” of starting over each time.
This is something a ton of people will not understand or make fun about but you are most likely used to this. On the last dev stream I think Mike already said they promise nothing because he can’t tell what happens in the future. I’m pretty sure they will have incentives for seasonal play sooner then later but you most likely get all the content as well outside of exclusive uniques or something like that. I wont be suprised if new bosses can only be approached at a later time offseason so you can’t train the encounter on a fully decked out toon.

I’m pretty sure you’ll get more content in offseason play in LE then in other games of the genre but I think it’ll soon be different to play a cycle compared to eternal and not only for the start over part.

This game also has by far the worst starting experience of any ARPG I’ve ever played(and I’ve been playing ARPGs since Diablo 1)
The campaign almost puts me to sleep, and then monoliths are even easier than the campaign for another 10-20 hours(for a normal player).
I’m unsure why they would add seasons to this game that clearly is designed like a mobile KMMO that holds your hand and makes it impossible to die for the first 30 hours of gameplay(100 hours in KMMOs).

Only the most die-hard / streamers are going to be able to sit through the awful starting experience that is LE every single season. I have no idea why they’d think seasons would be a good idea in this game.
Seasons are a bad idea in every game, honestly. We need to move on from the archaic, lazy concept.

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At the moment, while they’re mainly adding core stuff (like masteries & the item factions), they reserve the right to change this in the future.


'K, thank you for your feedback.

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Challange accepted I was able to die in the first 2h of the game without trying to die but playing like a complete moron. I was suprised that one CC was enough to make my rather good equipped toon explode ^^.

Non the less if people aren’t handicaped in any way the game start is far to easy. Then again I think every ARPG I played since D1 ( like almost all of them ^^ ) are to easy in the story part and you can snooze through it if you know what to do and don’t want to speedrun the content.

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It is feedback.
Seasons are an excuse that the developers can rely on people replaying the game over and over instead of spending time and effort on making good long-term character progression with lots varied end game content and systems.
It’s a “get out of jail free” card to allow lazy and low effort design for the developers.
Seasons are trash.

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It’s a tough topic. There are pros and cons for every solution. I think they should either use cycles primary for the possibility of a economical reset or expand the duration for every cycle to at least 6 months. This game is just to rich and deep for 3 months long cycles.

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'K, thank you for your nuanced and insightful feedback.

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Firstly thanks for respoding in a mature and respectful manner. The same cant be said for few other comments.

Each player is entitled to their opinion and feedback. Also i think people are forgetting the thread is not abount season vs no season. I think the developers have hit the hammer on the head with the current iteration. If a player wants to play on a fresh server they have the option to. If not they can do that as well. This should end here. There is no reason to keep stuff locked to the season only servers.

Its not about time or hours. Its about the game forcing you to do something which just does not feel good. WOW learned this the hard way with “dailies”.

As a casual gamer i took out the time to make this feedback thread because i really like this game.

I agree. The campaign did not feel good to play. About 5 of us have played through the campaign and each one of us has just skipped through every line of text.

That’s a bit onesided because from my experience and available player numbers people play seasonal content far more then non seasonal content. So in reality it’s more like “Treat non season as the ugly duckling and polish the seasonal stuff because people want it.”. If I’d say “This should end here.” I would feel like a complete moron because non seasonal play is important as well and I’m sure if it’s done right more players would play non seasonal.

We need to see what EHG is making out of it but if things work like they did in the past for other games we know where we end up. Then again EHG does a lot of stuff differently so at least we can keep our hope up that they come up with a good solution in the future.

Feedback is all well and fine but the way you wrote it wasn’t the best possible way to use words. Look at my post I’m a pro in this field :wink: . At the end of the day what you wrote is good and fine but also an invitation for people to answer in different ways ^^. After all the respectfullness of this community is going down the drain anyway but suprisingly not because of new players :smiley: .