Featherfall skill in Divebomb (falconer) doesn't seem to do anything

Speced into Featherfall. cast Divebomb. I was not sure what featherfall would do exactly… strike down at the location, send attacks out? but, I could not identify it doing anything at all. went to the arena to test. Every attempt, the dummies would get struck 1 time, by the divebomb.

I had 1 and then 2 points invested in it.

I havent tried this passive yet but just a theory :
have you specced into Rushing Wings too ? Because this makes the falcon drop almost instant and maybe this keeps it from using the feathers before dropping ?

not at the time of testing. but I had at one point previous, and unspecced out of it.

I suppose I need to look up videos. I specced into on wings and shadow, and can’t seem to id THAT doing anything either. how is that one supposed to work?

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Can also confirm that Featherfall is indeed bugged, tried it on dummies and in monoliths. I’ve also tried unspeccing Rushing Wings - it still doesn’t cast Featherfall.

I’ve invested 4/4 into Featherfall and noticed the same thing. It simply doesn’t work at all.

I had it working once, when I first specced into it. At some point, I’m not sure when, it stopped doing anything. Now even after despecializing and starting the skill over again it doesn’t work even without Rushing Wings.

As per the latest patch, this is still not yet fixed, right? Mine attacks, but only 1 feather, even with Lv2 node. I see 2 damage whenever the skill is used - 1 for the dive bomb, and 1 for the feather I’m guessing. When I up it to Lv2, still the same - even the damage number.

yup, still not fixed

I’ve not had time to experiment with it much.

I did log in and check quick. dive bombing the group dummies. 1 hit. each. no clear indication of it doing anything.

I went over to the “enemy” dummy, and when dive bombing that, I was getting 2 damage values popping up. the divebomb number would pop up first, then a second smaller value. This is with 1 point in featherfall.

Still unclear whats happening. I didnt have time to investigate further.

It is not bugged, all the feathers “seek” the enemy targets before they land and do dmg. However, the dummies without the HP bar cannot be sought by any seeking skills, because it is NOT “enemy”. The umbra blade seeking node (Loathing) also doesn’t work with the no-HP bar dummies.

I can confirm this node actually works as intended and you should spec into this node 4/4 because it contributes a huge amount to the dive bomb dmg.

Have you explored the farthest part of the dummy training area in Champion’s Gate, where the last dummy there says “Enemy Training Dummy - Counts as an Enemy”? It’s the only dummy that procs all my supporting skills, including Featherfall.

It does work. When I first specced into it I thought it was bugged too. The effect is just really hard to see.

Look for red flashes.

Yeah that was the one I mentioned, I enabled the HP bar for enemies the farthermost dummy is the only one that has red HP bar above it.

Have you observed the damage number output in every level? What did you notice?

No I havent paid much attention. It does pretty high damage, though. I only look that mobs tend to die when one of those red flashes hit them.

This bug report can now be closed. I’ve tested this to actual mobs with high HP (and being naked), while using Dive Bomb. Featherfall damage procs (red thing going straight down the mobs) right after Dive Bomb damage. Damage is around half of Dive Bomb, ±20%. Featherfall only hits 1 mob per feather. Not advantageous against a boss. The animation is very quick, I can’t count all 8 feathers at Lv4 node.

Long-term solution: Provide an area for a group of “Enemy Training Dummy” so that we can see the procs. Or better, make all training dummies have an “Enemy” tag. All the other test dummies are pointless since they do not proc all debuffs - only the “Enemy Training Dummy” on he far left is the useful one. The other solo Dummy is a RARE/BOSS one, please make it an ENEMY training dummy as well. It procs the Rapid Pursuit node but not the other falconer debuffs.

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