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Favorite lightning-based build?

Hey all!

Bit of an odd request here - I find the idea of having a favorite build for every element a really cute idea. So far the ones I’ve liked are

  • Physical: Bleed Flurry Bladedancer
  • Fire: DoT Paladin
  • Cold: ???
  • Lightning: ???
  • Necrotic: DoT Lich
  • Void: Void Knight (wowzers)
  • Poison: Shuriken Poison Bladedancer

For Cold I was planning on seeing how far Glacier or Avalanche can take me, but I was wondering if anyone had good suggestions for a lightning based build? My only real basis I’m going on is I tried a Mage nova-based build once and wasn’t a huge fan.

  • Detonating Arrow?
  • Javelin?

I do love Nova Boy (and all other LB/EN builds), but I totally stopped playing it when I reached empowered. In fact, I won’t play “standing” builds while we have spire echoes.

But Nova Boy would be me response.

Cold and Lightning for me would be Mage…

Low life Spellblade Flamereave/Firebrand for Lightning
Glacier/Static Orb (cold conversion) Ice Sorceror for the other… (maybe even the cold meteor staff version too)

But now that I think of it, Primalist is missing from your list…

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Primalist and I have… never really gotten along. I’m definitely going to try exploring it more for the Cold focus.

Frostbite Sorcerer with Static orb converted to cold/FB and Ice Barrage single target + the frostbite unique gloves is excellent, really.

I’ve got a pure lightning javelin focused paladin that’s pretty fun.

My set so far is:

  • Cold: Reign of winter bow marksman
  • Fire: Disintegrate, no hits Sorceror
  • Void: 2h Melee Rive Void Knight
  • Minion: Abomination Necromancer (kinda mixed btwn necrotic and phys)
  • Lightning: Javelin Paladin
  • Physical (Bleed): Shurikens+Puncture Bladedancer

There’s also a lot of lightning smite builds popping up recently that look pretty cool.
Lightning Nova boy is pretty popular, Static orb builds are also popping off rn.
Detonating arrow is also quite fun only slightly annoying when you don’t get the double hit off (I levelled as DA for my reign of winter marksman)

Shaman-based lightning build? You could go spell, melee, and/or totem, so you have options