Farming the shade is a struggle

Im trying to get the Maw axe, but the time to get to the shade is long a tidious, And the lower corruption node isnt helping when you want to increase it instead.
This hole system need a speed up in progress.
You complete so many nodes to get to the shade and dont get any good rewards rinse and repeat. This system dont hold in the long run. You burn out trying to reach breakepoints really fast. I have reset my current timeline 25 times, after i while i first realise i lowered the corruption instead of increase it. And still havent got anything usefull from the shade. After some point there should be an easyer way to farm him. Can you gamble this weapon in dungeon or gambler. Farming the shade have become really boring and a long struggle.

No, only world/non-boss-specific drops can be gambled or rune if ascendance-d.

Not sure the shade is meant to be farmable in the first place; he acts more like a mechanical lever to reset mono progress. I’m guessing they’ll add more stuff to his loot table though; Mike has seen a lot of rings on stream.
Systems that allow the same boss to be engaged in quick succession cheapens their role as special events, so I’m not sure they should be farmable the same way entire timelines which drop specific types of gear are.

Couple of thoughts on your post

I am not sure if you realized it or not, but based on the entirety of your post probably not.

The corruption gain/loss is dictated by the depth of the shade node within a given echo web.
Don’t take the first one you encounter.
You can always get shades that give 10-15+ corruption. (even up to +~21 in some cases)

There are two things here, which are very important:

  1. The 2H Axe does not drop before reaching a certain corruption threshold
  2. The chance of getting the uncommon shade drops (like the Axe) is increased depending on %Inc. Item rarity and depth of the shade node within the echo web(corresponding to the amount of Corruption the node gives)

Based on the first point I am almost certain you had no real chance of getting the Axe at all(not having the necessary corruption threshold) or you did have very low chance (if you had the corruption threshold, but low depth nodes and/or %Inc. Item rarity)

FYI, the Axe is actually pretty common and not really hard to come by. (as long as you fulfill the criteria for dropping)

Now this does highlight, that the tutorialisation of the game mode as a whole isn’t very good.

But I would actually argue that things like drop tables and general informations about loot from a bosses shouldn’t be available I game.

So the only thing that should be better communicated I game is that there are several factors affecting drop tables and chance for specific items, but without too much details.

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The axe should could drop from 50+. Since empowered starts at 100% there should be plenty of chance. I have got it now at 112. I have found out I didnt understand the system, but i got told how it works in the game chat. So I have done it the right way since. Ty for the reply tho :slight_smile:

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Thats good, wasn’t sure based on your initial post.

But out of curiosity, what +corruption shades did you do those 25 times?

It was around 25 both - and + corruption until i realized i did lower it. So i kept being between 100 and 120. After i found out how it works i have now been doing 200+. But i think it takes to much time to get to high corruption. I get bored of doing it before i reach what i want. I want to get to 300 but it just takes so much time and maps to get there. The system is great it just need to be faster.

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