Farming specific monoliths

unpopluar opinion mayb: farming the same monolith, with an annoying boss, just to get 4 times in a row the same unwanted item feels bad. mayb change so that that class specific items have a slightly higher drop rate?

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How do you farm the boss? What item are you farming for? One of the 50/50 guaranteed drops or one of the rare or empwoered only rare drops?

Do you try increasing your %inc. item rarity before doing the boss?

I get nothing should come too easily, but the slow, monotonous grind to build stability only to get the same blessings \ drops is frustrating. Not every class \ build runs fast and some of these mono’s take forever. Not to mention the amount of stability you get per-kill is typically small and not all classes can clear fast. Oh and don’t make a mistake or sneeze, cause death wipes your progress and then caps the redo at 10. Seriously, why not let us pick up where we left off or let us get the full stability. Running the mono is tedious enough. Resetting the mono also doesn’t give you a chance to learn how to deal with the mechanics that killed you since you may not see it again. That part goes with Dungeons too. I love this game, but I do fee like a lot of my time is wasted unless I stick with my best character.