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Our FAQ’s can be found here:
If you have any questions that you think should be added to that list, let us know by replying to this thread.

To clarify, offline save files will be entirely separate from online ones.

We know that offline save files are potentially vulnerable to manipulations, so you won’t be able to transfer characters from offline play to online play. All online save files will be stored on the server, so it won’t be possible for people to edit them.


We can export to Mac and Linux with Unity, and have exported Mac demos in the past. They have worked, but there have been compatibility issues with things like particle effects not displaying properly. We’d like to release Linux and Mac versions, but we don’t want to charge for something that’s not working properly and we don’t want to delay the PC release to fix the compatibility for Mac and Linux.

It’s a long way off and this may change, but I’d say it would be reasonable to expect a Linux version some time after the PC launch.

Hello, came about that concern too, thanks for explaining!


Hello I just want to know which are the system requirements for te game??, I can’t find that information in the website :3


Definitive system requirements have not yet been decided on as the game is too early in development for that. If you join us on Discord you can download the free demo and see how it runs on your computer, but please bear in mind that this may not be representative of performance at release.

You say LE will originally target PC and other platforms are stretch goals. Is Mac one of those platforms included in the stretch goals?

Indeed it is!

The main platforms we’re looking at as stretch goals are Linux and Mac.

There’s also been some talk of a Switch port, though I’m not able to confirm that.

Must have 64-bit OS - first requirement. So, minimum 4 GB RAM. Don’t figured rest yet.

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