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FAQ - Major Patch Releases

We know that patch time is an exciting time for our community and we know that it brings many questions about how Eterra will change when patch day hits. Check out some the commonly asked patch day questions and answers below!

What happens to my character when Last Epoch releases a major update? Are my current characters wiped?

While you may want to make a new character alongside a major update to experience any new content in the early stages of the game, you certainly are not required to. We do not have any plans to wipe or delete any characters upon a patch release.

How do I play the new campaign content?

To play a new chapter of the campaign you will need to return to the end of the last quest you completed. If you are still working through the campaign, you will organically be given the new story content as you approach it. If you have already beaten Lagon, you will be automatically given a quest called “Return to Yulia”. This quest will put you on the path toward Maj’elka and all the new campaign content.

Do I need to make a new character to compete on the new update’s arena leaderboards?

No, you do not. Characters are not ‘gated’ from progressing on the arena leaderboards in any way from update to update. That said, the new leaderboard will start fresh and empty, and you will have re-earn your position on it. You can do this with your existing character but when you do so you will have the advantage of all the new skills, balance changes, and loot at your disposal.

What happens to all the gear I’ve collected if you buff or nerf it?

The short version is, your gear should be updated automatically, with no need to re-farm any pieces. Here is some more info for those who love the details:

If an item base type is reworked, your items will retain their affixes but become a different base type. Changes to the minimum/maximum of affixes on all item types apply automatically. If an affix is removed, it will be replaced on your items with a different random affix. If an affix is removed from the affix pool of a certain item type, any existing items will still have that affix.

What happens to my monolith progress? Will the blessings I have unlocked re-roll to include the new higher ranges?

We currently have no plans to reset any of your progress through the Monolith of Fate as part of an update to Last Epoch. Any balance changes from blessings will work similar to balance changes to items - If the ranges are modified, your item will be rerolled with the same roll-rarity as you had before. For example, if you have a perfectly rolled blessing, but we increased the new blessing range to be higher, you would now have a blessing with the new, higher, perfect rolled value.


Roughly what time/day do the patch notes come out relative to patch? (24 hours before patch? 48hours?)

Roughly what time of the day does the patch get released? (8am, 12am, 5pm? EST? PST?)

Hey Aschere!

Thanks for the questions. I will check in with the team in the morning and post back here with some time stamp details if and when they are available.

Without being exact on the timing, I can tell you we intend to release the patch notes tomorrow :slight_smile:


Hi Michael, thx for all the info!
About the Arena Leaderboards i wish that for SSF (both SC/HC) you HAVE to create a new character, to kinda simulate a fresh season start that we will see once 1.0 arrives. For Standard it’s absolutely fine of course to use excisting characters, but it would be a fun approach to already simulate seasons with fresh patch leaderboard wipes in SSF since you can easily transfer ssf chars into standard to do arena aswell.
Just my opinion and an idea…


Sands of Majasa will go live September 3rd at 11:00am CST


Hey Trikster!
Thanks for the feedback. We find that our players are vocal on both sides of this topic, with some wanting a fresh start and others praying we don’t make them re-farm. I can say with certainty that we fully intend to adopt the season and fresh start approach in the future, I just can’t commit to when that approach will begin.


what time is that est 10 am ty soo much

With the patch notes, are we going to see an item database to look at the changes? I’d like to see what exact items are available with the new patch.

We don’t actually release all the item details for new uniques. I’m sure that some third party sites will get populated fairly quickly though.

What happens to loot filters? Will there be a possibility my old one automatically exclude new affixes on equipment?

You’d likely need to go and add the new affixes in as they didn’t exist when you created the filter.

For some people it would be cool to have such a list a to know what we are chasing.
For others, it would spoil the surprise.

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