Fall of the Outcast

New player just arrived at Monlith of Fate doing Fall of the Outcast. Am wondering how far does the Web brances extend (like how many leaves it has) before I could go to next branch on the right side?

Regards and Thanks.

I think most people just follow the same branch straight out until they have enough stability to do the quests (or do the Orobyss fight at their desired level of corruption), at least in the non-empowered monoliths. The common view is to rush monoliths to get to empowered monoliths. Then you can do more farming of the nodes you want. Note: You do not need to do all the monoliths to get to empowered levels, and don’t be afraid of being under-level, as long as you can still rush the objective and kill what you need to.

Also, go straight out instead of branching too much, since you get more stability the further you are from the starting node.

Thank you very much.

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