Falconry Side by Side passive doesn't always work

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What went wrong?

The Side by Side passive is supposed to lower the Cooldown when you use a Melee, Throwing, or Bow attack directly. When you use the Explosive Trap skill directly the Cooldown does not decrease.


Confirmed. Same here. Doesn’t work when Explosive Trap is fired form a Bow either (it is now tagged as a Bow Attack so it should work). I also took the Impact Trigger node in Trap to make it explode on hit and still no CD reduction.

p.s. It works fine for the other Bow Attacks I tried, such as Cinder Strike

Update: Doesn’t work with Net either, which is a Throwing Attack, so it should. :confused:

Here to reconfirm. Does not work with Blast Rain explosive traps.

Can confirm that it doesn’t work currently.
I have falconry with Side by Side and Explosive Trap with Blast Rain and the cooldown doesn’t decrease.

Is it working for you now?
I just started Falconer and got the same issue

Also confirming it doesn’t work for me as of today.